C Saxophones – worldwide interest…

Not many words, just look at the picture below – showing recent visitors to the blogsite – to see roughly how interest in C-Melody saxophones ( and C-Soprano ) is spread world-wide.  ‘Nuff said…


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4 Responses to C Saxophones – worldwide interest…

  1. Ross says:

    No mention of Tasmania on your visitors list!
    My server is based in Western Australia so perhaps I am
    the Perth visitor.
    The number is up on your last showing of visitors, no doubt reflecting
    the hours you have put in to provide a great website
    to advance the C melody cause!
    Thanks, Alan.

  2. alan says:

    Ross – I’m in the South-West of England (Dorset), but my access point has been shown on the map as Bristol, London, or even the Isle of Man… 😕

    I guess it’s where the ISP that you connect to (over a phone line) joins the internet, not the individual.

  3. adamlane says:

    i’m from the philippines, and i’ve been playing the saxophone for ten years now and is a happy owner of a conn straight neck c-melody sax for four years now. It had never let me down during my play during our church services and my wedding gigs. i believe that i am the only one here in the philippines owning a beautiful c-melody sax. and i would like to be a part of this cmelody sax owner’s circle..i’ve been reading all of your comments here since i got my cmel sax.. it had helped me a lot.. thanks.. God bless you all!!!

  4. alan says:

    Thanks Adam, you are very welcome here – and as you’ve found, it’s easy to comment. Hope to hear more from you in future.
    Kind Regards, Alan.

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