Introducing the Kawasaki Sax-A-Boom

Bought one at the local Car Boot yesterday – the seller’s wife had told him "Don’t bring it home, sell it !"  About the size of a (very) pregnant soprano. It has eight buttons, the bottom button starts off the basic ‘undertune’, then I’ve pressed each of the other seven buttons in turn – which produce seven different short solo’s or variations, which you can obviously vary the sequence of. So it can sound like you’re putting solo ‘breaks’ on a funky beat. Here’s the sound, starting and ending with the underlying funky sound…

        Saxaboom sounds…

If you listen closely you can hear the ‘clicks’ as I press the keys on my sound sample… Absolutely no blowing is required, this guy on  YouTube ( click here ) is faking it – my dog pushed one of the keys and nearly had a heart attack when it burst into life, there seems to be NO permanent off switch (except take the batteries out…)   Sadly, it’s in D, so I can’t even call it a C-Saxaboom….

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17 Responses to Introducing the Kawasaki Sax-A-Boom

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    That’s rather good…shame that guitarists tend to eschew the key of D.
    I must own up to having a similar guitar, complete with Yyngwie Malmsteen riffs…this is also in D; perhaps we can start a, somewhat limited, band. 🙂

  2. alan says:

    They’d be good short funky riffs for any musician to learn (and expand on) – I’m also looking out for pics of an ‘electronic harmonica’ that I think Kawasaki made as well ?

    I guess it was made in D to fit with the average guitarist – we can’t really ask them to play in another key, just because a different instrument comes along – can we… 😆

  3. Gandalfe says:

    Too funny. 8)

  4. alan says:

    It’s yours – for $150 plus shipping… 😀 😆 😯

    (just need to keep it away from the granddaughter…)

  5. alan says:

    😀 There’s one on UK ebay for thirty quid !

  6. Lewis Pelham says:

    For reasons that no guitarist I know can explain, they seldom play in D if they can avoid it. They happily play in 1#, 3#s, 4#s and 5#s; so why not 2#s?
    Explanation anyone?

  7. alan says:

    Sorry Lewis, the words ‘logical’ and ‘typical guitarist’ don’t seem to gel… 😆

  8. Mal-2 says:

    I guess Creed isn’t typical then, 90% of their songs are in D… (no I don’t care for Creed, and the lead singer is a d!ck.)

    I think E and A are preferred because it allows the open strings to be used for bass notes. D does not really do this unless they’re using “drop D” tuning (DADGBE) or something even more non-standard.

  9. carla says:

    Yyngwie Malmsteen! saw him live, brilliantly mental!

  10. Daniele Beta says:

    thank u for the visit! 😛

  11. alan says:

    Daniele – you’re very welcome !  Still a mystery to me that the webcam comment here seems to be suffering from jetlag 😕

  12. Adam says:

    Your a dic for taking TD seriously. I obvious he was faking it and I’m 100% sure he wasn’t trying to trick anyone, he was just acting it out.

  13. alan says:

    Adam – Seems that you’re the only one taking it seriously, come back when you’ve learnt to spell "dick"… 😆

  14. cq says:

    still have the saxaboom? interested in selling it? email me.

  15. Alan says:

    cq – yes, I do, and I would – email sent…

  16. daniel says:

    saxaboom for sale, low starting price

  17. al says:

    Why buy from the US, with Import duty at 5% plus VAT now at 20% !
    Buy mine instead – mail me
    In the UK, no tax/duty throughout the European Community !!!  (and cheaper shipping   😀 )

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