Some spam just creases me up…

Hey sweetie, you wanna attract chick at the club? Try Ultra Allure pheromones!

-Attract women of all ages    -Excite women before even talking to them

-Make women want to sleep with you immediately  -Millions of men are already using them!    -Proven to work!

They are having a huge sale right now, check out the site for all the info.   Everybody I know has got a couple bottles of this stuff, it simply works!  Don’t be the only one left behind!   Product here –

**footnote by Alan I let this spam through because it made me laugh – must be why I don’t pull much anymore, except for cuddly grannies who should know better !  I’ll add some to my anti-arthritis ointment, then I’ll have the sexiest knees, and right-hand thumb (bad saxophone thumbhooks – beware !)  in Dorset…. 😀

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4 Responses to Some spam just creases me up…

  1. Justa Test says:

    End of spam as we know it ? Yeah, right ! 😆

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    Sadly, spam seems to have killed Wade’s site. I made a comment to that effect on his site and it has been lost in the miasma of spam….which gives credence to my post.
    Your site is now the premier C Melody site; why is it not used more?

  3. alan says:

    Lewis – maybe it’s because (like on Wade’s site) – seems at times that we’ve said it all before 😆 It’s a sad state that I have three different anti-spam ‘traps’ running here, Wade’s has not – they seem to be not available on that age of blog, it was so easy for us to post/comment there, but so is it for the spammers. Grrrr… 😕

    However, visitor stats to the information and resource pages here show that this website is used – just that not many visitors comment – I’m happy enough with that. Watch this space for some new posts this week, it’s been ten days since I last posted a new topic – time flies !

  4. carla says:

    spam eh? never did like the stuff, yeuch. all spam is bad spam, oh and dont get me started on lunchoen meat…. 😕

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