Don’t worry about the $5 gallon – it’s not over yet…

I frequently hear that those poor old impoverished Americans are worried about the Five Dollar Gallon ! Don’t worry guys – it’s going to get much much worse than that on the world market…

Over here in the UK we now have the ELEVEN Dollar Gallon !

Last night in the UK, I paid £1.29 per LITRE for Diesel (that’s over US$2.50 for a litre…). As everyone knows there are approximately 4.546 litres in a gallon, so that’s a staggering £5.86 (over US$11) a gallon.

Ah, but wait – It’s not quite that bad, because the US gallon is smaller than our Imperial gallon (obviously Texas didn’t have a hand in the specification, otherwise it’d be much bigger… 🙂 ) – a US gallon is only 3.78 litres – or 3.78 liters, to use colloquial spelling.

So the UK prices only equate to £4.87 a US gallon, or US$9.53 – not so bad then, eh ?

As Frank Sinatra sang, The best is yet to come…” Heehee… 🙂

(P.S. the Microsoft spell-checker wanted to change litres to litters, and Sinatra to Sumatra… – sometimes I worry. )

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9 Responses to Don’t worry about the $5 gallon – it’s not over yet…

  1. Gandalfe says:

    I remember how high gas was priced in Europe. Still, hearing so again it flabbergasts me. I use a moped and a bicycle to work during the summer. Now I’ll have start thinking about doing so in the fall and winter!

  2. alan says:

    Yes, don’t know about the US, but the high level of taxation doesn’t help over here – the tax is proportional, so, as oil prices rise, so does the tax on the final product, Catch 22…

    Being retired, I used to find £10/$20 worth of deisel a week would easily suffice for local/social driving – but all of a sudden I’m into £15-£20 a week, which now adds about a quarter of a tank each time 😦

    Scary – I’d hate to think how much it would now cost me to drive the work distances I used to ! And as for long distance gigs, or trips, well… 😥

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    Not only does the government tax petrol to an extortionate level but they add VAT to the sum…in effect, placing a tax on a tax. This is unethical, if not unlawful…no point in complaining however as they will extract the money from somewhere else…possibly a 300% tax on Plasticover reeds.

  4. Ross says:

    A world-wide problem!
    Aussie prices are also on the rise – but cushioned by our dollar
    rising against the US$.
    Prices are hovering around Aus$1.50 a litre ($1.65 for diesel).
    So on a rough conversion we are paying half the UK price.
    If we consider that for a lot of Aus/UK prices, for pound read dollar –
    including incomes – a certain parity emerges. Something our political
    masters choose to ignore and something the oil companies know too well!

  5. Ross says:

    I must have been tired.(Embarrassed smiley failed to register!)
    Pence and cents got confused.
    There is really little difference between the Aus and UK prices.
    Comments on income remain. We,in Aus, believed our prices were better
    but relative to income they are not!

  6. alan says:

    Ross – I understand – there was a series on TV about UK families doing a ‘test-run’ / trial, emigrating to Australia, apparently we are in demand worldwide ? They all (literally without exception) enjoyed the weather and all the social activities, great place for the kids to grow up, and, even though Australian house prices were a bit of a shock – it was handleable because the could (at least at that time !) sell the UK house for a good price….

    The only sticking point was income, it was almost always way less in Australia than they were currently earning in the UK for similar jobs. Paradise at a price… 😕 But those that made the move were recently revisited by the TV company, and hardly any regretted it, most intended to remain “down under” for the foreseeable future.

    I notice Arnie Scharzenegger is now on TV trying to seduce Brits with the benefits of living in California… When I was there it was more like Calimexico with oriental overtones 🙂

  7. Mal-2 says:

    California is a very expensive place to live, unless you want to live way out in the sticks (which kinda defeats the purpose). And every year, “the sticks” get further and further out as the urban sprawl grows. This may slow down for a while, with the housing market in crisis as it is, but it’s only a temporary pause.

    Greater Los Angeles is 100 miles north to south, 200 miles east to west, and 6 inches deep. 😦

  8. alan says:

    Mal – in the eighties I spent a while in Anaheim on various visits (I worked for the English end of a US company), so I got invited to US homes as a ‘token Brit’. I saw homes on the beach (wet), in the hills (smog), the canyons (mud slides), all variations on the ‘burbs’, and more than a few trailer parks !

    All seemed to be one big conjoined sprawl in the eighties, bet it’s a lot worse now. The main occupation seemed to be sitting in the car, waiting for any signs of movement, on the way to work, or to shop at endless Malls…

  9. Mal-2 says:

    Totally off-topic, but inspired by the combination of posts above:

    One of my friends once hosted a track team from Australia (or more accurately, his family did) while they were over here for a major international meet. They stocked up on Foster’s and Vegemite, only to be told by the Aussies “Foster’s is shite, and we didn’t come here to eat Vegemite. We want In’N’Out burgers!”

    After the visit was over, they tried eating the Vegemite themselves but ended up giving most of it away. The Foster’s got drank though.

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