Guess I’ll never know about the neck…..

If it was an alto or a C-Melody neck ?  I was bidding on this Conn C-Mel on ebay – it was an early Wonder II with what looks like a non-microtuner neck.  Now I know the early Conn C-Mels had a non-microtuner ‘tenor-style’ neck (and indeed some of the last Wonder I’s had a tenor-style neck with microtuner), but I’ve never seen a Wonder II with a neck like this.

Something told me that this didn’t look quite long enough for a C-mel one, but seem a tad overlong for an alto neck.  I asked the seller, jbs6131 ( a friendly chap)who said “Hello,neck fits well to sax and I put a c-melody m/p on. It slides on neck it fits well. So,is from what I know a c-melody neck. I thought the same thing,but have seen early Conns with this same type neck..  But then alto neck tenons are comparable to C-Mels, I’ve used replacement modern alto neck plugs when the original C-Mel one is missing…

Guess I’ll never know, unless I conract the buyer.  Sold for under $200, so even with shipping and duty I could’ve had a bit of history for under £200 – oh well…

        **    **    **    **

What I was really miffed about was that I got confused (not difficult 😦 ) and missed a wooden Albert C Clarinet for $99 the same early morning…  Very quietly – probably the retro/scarcity factor has ‘kicked in’ – Albert/Simple system clarinets are now getting collectable/expensive, and this one was in C – hover here for another nice picture…. For $99 – Oh well (again…).

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5 Responses to Guess I’ll never know about the neck…..

  1. Mal-2 says:

    Hey I found another Albert C clarinet for you to bid on…

    Who could resist a clarinet with this stupendous feature?


    Oh yeah, just what I always wanted, a clarinet with anal gum all over the keys! :mrgreen:

  2. Andy says:

    Albert or Simple System or Oehler System clarinets are not so rare. They can be found easily on that auction site. Or, if you don’t like auctions, try one of the online 2nd hand clarinet specialists. Have a look at for example. They always have one or two up for sale. You’ll have to scan through the clarinets as they’re mixed in with the more mainstream Boehm clarinets. But it’s worth the trouble. There are some other good UK sites out there as well. Let me know if you have a favourite one.

  3. alan says:

    Andy – welcome – it’s the old C’s that I’m interested in, they’re a little bit rarer – there’s almost always Albert/Simple Bb’s on ebay, but the C’s take a little weeding out.  Often the sellers don’t even know they are in C.  That’s how I got my C Boehm from a Scottish seller, the listing didn’t mention anything but "Old clarinet…"

  4. Rob says:

    Same goes for eBay auction sales. It’s a great place to shop for Saxophones, and the fact the sellers don’t always know what they’ve got, can sometimes make it easier to get a bargain. Best of luck shopping sax auction sales!

  5. alan says:

    Hiya Rob – even if this is a bit of gentle spam, you’re very welcome here, as your ‘details’ link leads to saxophones…  Please come back anytime.

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