Pierret C-Melody saxophone ?

Whoever the European manufacturer turns out to be, this was  an excellent acquisition  by a very friendly chap from the UK, and from a Devon seller !  First Pierret I’ve seen, and unlike any other Euro-C’s that I’ve come across.  Note the absence of forked Eb, or G# trill.  I’ll put up the pictures on my  ‘Models’  page in due course, but in the meantime here’s a slideshow.

Right-click on the main image below for options, including slideshow – or click on individual thumbnails to see the big picture (arrows mean more, there are about 10 pics…) If you want a full-screen view, click "Full Screen" in the bottom right corner.

Photo Album: Pierret (stencil ?) C-melody Sax

Sincere thanks to ebay seller fredwoodhead for such excellent pictures !

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One Response to Pierret C-Melody saxophone ?

  1. al says:

    Be interesting to see how it plays, everything has gone quiet… (pun intended 😆 )

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