Rachmaninov either had big hands, or was a carpenter !

No words necessary, just watch the video – hilarious… (the man in shorts,  behind the pianist, almost steals the show…)

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2 Responses to Rachmaninov either had big hands, or was a carpenter !

  1. Mal-2 says:

    There was a professor at college who did the same stunt, only he did it with just one board, and pegs on all four faces. He lacked the whole pass-and-toss routine, but he listed his assistant in his credits as “Peggy Board”. He also did a stunt he attributed to Mozart, which was to play notes with his nose while the hands were at the end(s) of the keyboard. Every year he did a composition that, when played upside down, formed a harmonization to itself. First he would play the composition with a boom box on top of the piano, recording, then he’d play back the recording and play the same music upside down. I don’t know if he wrote one every year or if he had a stock of them he rotated through, but he did change it each time I saw his show.

  2. alan says:

    Seems like they’re an established comedy act, Igudesman & Joo – click here for their website – and loads more on YouTube. The ‘wood-man’ is a very competent violinist as well.
    That’s what I love about YouTube (and the internet) – I get to see and hear things that aren’t ordinarily available to me !

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