Yet another C-Melody player !

Amazing what’s on YouTube – this is a sax/clari/cornet player called Jean-François Bonnel – I assume the “JFB” from the name “ JFB’s Hard Dixie Four ” – here playing Monk’s “ Bemsha Swing “. Click on the ‘start icon’ in the middle of the video player – flash player is needed – but you have it if you can see the video player….

I’ve extracted just the C-Mel solo from the quite long Youtube video – view the full length video here.
I can honestly say that I’ve never before seen such a unique line-up (sax/clari, banjo, tuba and vintage drums/washboard…) playing Monk compositions. Good solid driving sound, Jean-François !

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2 Responses to Yet another C-Melody player !

  1. Mal-2 says:

    It also looks (from the full-length video) that he’s playing an Albert-system clarinet… a metal one!

    Anyhow, people have been playing old music in a new style as long as we’ve kept records, so why not flip the coin and play NEW music (relative to the style at least) in an OLD style?

  2. alan says:

    Mal – thanks for that, I thought it was a metal clari, but these old eyes… 🙄

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