My ‘not online’ fake books in C

Some while ago, in a possibly naive wish to share my ‘pdf’ fake books – in C, naturally – with others, I set up a download page.  At times it seemed like the entire civilised world was on a mission to download them, and often my allocated ISP bandwidth didn’t look as tho’  it’d cope.  But, it was fun while it lasted.

Then came an email from Chuck Sher, informing me that I was in breach of copyright, as a couple of the books were being published by him.  This came as a surprise, as I’d acquired all of them from a very cheap ebay ‘fake book’ distribution CD – they’re still for sale there. So, just to be on the safe side, I took them all down while I chewed things over.

I’ve now started putting back the obviously ‘non-commercially published’ books – although it could be argued that even hand-written content is still subject to individual copyright,  They’re just in a folder now, not back on the original web page.  Right-click on any you’d like – the filenames are pretty obvious – and do a " Save As.. "  Worth checking back from time to time, as the numbers might increase.  Any that aren’t there are obviously the copyright-sensitive ones, they’re safely on my own hard drive…  Files beginning with ‘A’ are indexes.  Contact me, if you need further info on how to right-click  :P   Here’s the link to the folder !  

Lets hope that doesn’t cause any more waves…  I’m pleasantly surprised that some of the commercial mp3 ‘tasters’ in the player haven’t caused me similar grief -  although they were mostly legitimately purchased (the full-length exceptions are either shared  YouTube  material, or kindly donated).

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