Don’t forget Wade’s old ‘NEW’ Forum …

Just a reminder that Wade’s ‘NEW’ C forum, that we tried out a while back, is still out there !  Totally spam-free, just with one initial pop-up advert that’s easily despatched with a single click of the mouse.  Wish getting rid of the daily deluge of spam on the old forum was that easy !

I just checked that it still works, and, whilst we all know that it’s possible to add pictures and links there – I copied the ’embed code’ from a YouTube video, pasted it into the post, and it worked as well !  So easy, and all that’s needed to post or comment is a (quite obvious) password, which defeats the spammers.  I can email the password to anyone here, if they’ve forgotten it – I’m sure Wade won’t mind.

Surely, now that the old site is overwhelmed with spam, this is maybe worth reconsidering ?  It was dismissed, in favour of the old one, at a time when spam wasn’t really an issue.  Mind you, we all seem to be running out of topics and ideas these days – has it all been said about C saxes ?  Even the SaxOnTheWeb C section sometimes stays untouched for days on end…  I am now making a conscious effort to have a new topic/post here almost every day – keeps me off the streets !  I’d so love to be able to comment about new C Saxes pouring out of New Zealand… 😦

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2 Responses to Don’t forget Wade’s old ‘NEW’ Forum …

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    Yes, I often have a peep at it, & it always comes as a surprise to see my photograph as the header.
      Today my spam word was  Cazzini. In Italian, the word CazzAni is detested as being so similar to a very rude word in their language.
    Presaumably Alan, it was in deference to the Italians that you spelt it with an I in place of the A
     Could this be the reason why the good and the great play Selmer rather than the superior Rampone e Cazzani…oops, I said that word…..:oops:

  2. alan says:

    Sorry Lewis, cazzini was more a case of dyslexia than sensitivity, I’ve just changed it to cazzani.  I seem to remember that ‘Cazzo‘ referred to a part of the male anatomy 😯 As a very expressive race, I’m sure the iItalians have a few other variations… 😆 I certainly also learnt some interesting (and useful 😀 ) gestures during my short sejourno in the early 70’s.

    It is a custom word list of my own making – just to be un-biased I’ve added a few more non-woodwind words, like fender gibson vox etc.  It will grow over time, and hopefully the musical connection will both evoke memories, and be easy to recognise for us – rather than the spammers.  Interesting that just the small inconvenience of entering a word has stopped literally all spam posts – I no longer have to wade thro’ pages of the stuff daily – and the other precautions (ssshhh…) hardly ever get used.

    I think Wade just abandoned that ‘New’ forum when the consensus was to stay as we were.  I’m sure he didn’t want to administer two forums, one is enough.  So your picture will be there for posterity 😉

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