When a stencil seems worth more…

It’s a strange thing when a stencil seems to attract a higher value than a similar horn engraved with the manufacturers real name.  This does seem the position with Lyon & Healy ‘ King ‘ stencil C-Melody saxes. Although I already have one, my old mate ‘ Big Ugly ‘, I couldn’t resist a punt at a nice silver plated one just sold on ebay (unfortunately not to me…).

Maybe just as well, don’t want to make Big Ugly jealous…

I’ve tried for a handful over the years, and they all seem to have sold for more than a similar condition King C-Melody.  Must be the scarcity value, not many Lyon & Healy saxophones around as King stencils, and with that front-F it’s a good horn.  Oh well, I bailed out of the bidding when I realised the winner seemed to be serious – the international shipping plus tax/duty (I didn’t get a response to my usual suggestion about keeping a little cash out of the Chancellors coffers !) doesn’t exactly work in favour of UK bidders – no matter how low the US$ slides.

It’s not as if I didn’t already have a handful of silver-plated (real) King C-Mels already, patiently waiting for some t.l.c…  🙄

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