Not being a great fan of Steve Goodson …

Not being a big fan of Steve Goodson, I’ve always tried to keep an open mind throughout all the internet feuding – I vividly remember the saga of Roger Aldridge’s disappearing soprano sax.  I came across this video, on YouTube.

I’d always expected Sax Gourmet (and Orpheo / Vespro saxophones) to be in a prestigious New Orleans location, but, from a brief glimpse of the workshop in the background, I guess this is the main place.  Yes, the photo’s in this Ferree’s article seem to confirm it.  He’s messier than me !  

Reading about his classy overhauls on the website, I didn’t somehow image a setup like that.  No wonder he lost poor old Rogers soprano in that lot !   Although it is quite possible, since Katrina, that things have changed a bit.

P.S. feel free to comment Steve, comments always welcome here, unlike on your blog

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3 Responses to Not being a great fan of Steve Goodson …

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    I was always given to believe that it was a vast emporium, not a shed.
    Feelings of inadequacy generated by rebuilding horns on my dining room table have evaporated.
    More front than Woolworths!

  2. Gandalfe says:

    I luv the announcer’s Naw’ leans accent. And the sax player is suberb. I wonder how old this video is?

    Alan, I wanted to thank you for making it easier for me to come visit this site. I have you bookmarked on my home and laptop computers. But now with your redirect from Live Spaces, I can visit from any computer! I just go to my page and click. 😎

  3. alan says:

    This one’s even wierder, seems like a Japanese TV programme about New Orleans, with Steve Goodson as a strolling baritone player…  Only in the USA could it happen !

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