The last Buescher C-Melody Sax ?

The Buescher Aristocrat C-Melody sax, shown in the pictures below, is currently being discussed on saxontheweb – at serial number 282xxx, it’s the latest Buescher C I’ve ever seen. Until now, the latest noted has been the 256xxx Truetone owned by Paul Lindemeyer, and a 256xxx Aristocrat – I guess that must have been about when they started engraving them with ‘Aristocrat‘ .

I’ve had a few up to 232xxx, at that age (and above) they all have a lovely action – better G# key, front-F etc. – and great intonation. I say with more than a little regret, that I should probably have kept one ! Lovely horns. Here are some pictures of the 282xxx Aristocrat – thanks for the pictures Keith, it’s a great looking sax. enjoy…

Photo Album: Buescher Aristocrat C-Melody Sax

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One Response to The last Buescher C-Melody Sax ?

  1. Mal-2 says:

    A Front F I can do myself. A half-moon G# I can also do myself. I can change the angle of the pinky spatulas, I can adjust, bend, and epoxy the side keys to my liking, and I can raise the palm keys — all of which I did on my 1919 True Tone. I can even largely remedy the sharp-at-the-octave left hand and the flat C2 and C#2. (Pictures are at for anyone who can use them, except the pinky spatula adjustment, which isn’t all that noticeable in pictures.)

    What I can’t fix the insanely complex octave mechanism and its four springs that must be perfectly balanced, and the way it doesn’t like to work on G# (I think the body pip is a bit low). This late-late-show C-mel has what looks like a sane and relatively modern octave arrangement. It sorta reminds me of a 1980’s Yamaha design, with shorter axles. It also looks like the silver is pretty much all there, and it should polish up into a beautiful state.

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