The end of an era ?

Has anyone noticed this message that has suddenly appeared on Wades old  ‘Swirve’  C-Melody forum –

For the visually impaired, that’s  – “NOTICE: Beginning July 10th, 2008, this message board service will no longer be active or available for use.”

I only noticed the message today, guess it’s seven days notice 😦

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15 Responses to The end of an era ?

  1. al says:

    It’s a bit surreal – if you go to the General Saxophone Discussion area, all the old posts/topics have vanished, and it’s like contributors to other forums (forae ?) are in there…

    With the final Dr Who episode coming on Saturday, maybe it’s a temporal shift ?

    Either that, or the latest comments might suggest that it’s someone from Swirve Admin ‘avin’ a larf… after deleting that Message area.

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    Sadly, it has been effectively dead for some time…killed by the wretched pond life spammers. Without it, I feel as if I have lost some old friends…not that we always agreed on everything!
     Down to you now Alan…let us hope that all Wade’s contributors will turn to this site for their C Mel fixes.

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    As a test, I have just posted on Wade’s site but my "message" just recorded my name, the date and the time…never a good sign!

  4. Lewis Pelham says:

    Perhaps, for posterity, it should be noted that the last post (sic) on Wade’s site is from Captain Muggles who exclaims  "…Oh My God…"  Appropriate in view of the occasion and with regard to Wade’s persuasions.  🙄

  5. alan says:

    Lewis – I tried commenting on the same thread as you – nothing, even as moderator ! I even tried the ‘General’ area where I could post this morning – same blank…

    So looks as tho’ July 10th has come early… 🙄

    It is good to still see some life in the SOTW C section, but I doubt very much that this quiet backwater will suddenly explode into life – as you say, the ‘Old Place’ had been quiet for a while, without a migration here.

  6. Gandalfe says:

    Maybe I can get youse guys to frequent the Woodwind Forum now. We can start a new tradition.  :o)

  7. al says:

    Gandalfe, I only have one A, several dozen Bb’s, a sprinkling of C’s, and a little eefer…   Oh, and a brace of Eb alto clarinets, which no-one ever discusses, so I don’t really feel qualified to comment !  🙄

    I do sometimes look in, but can never remember what I registered as…  😕

  8. alan says:

    Just out of interest (before it vanishes completely…), this comment was posted in ‘General Saxophone Discussion’ shortly after all the topics/posts/threads completely vanished –
    If you were wondering exactly why it’s suddenly shutting down all of a sudden.
    This service has been dead since 2000, just kept alive because the original owner was a single person who had no reason not to shut it all down.
    Now he’s been bought out, and the buying company is trimming the excess fat, it would appear.
    And with the apocalypse nearing, as it were, some people who used to just archive the boards that used the service have decided to goof around with old tools and tricks that broke/spammed off threads and whathaveyou.

    Harsh times. 😦

  9. Lewis Pelham says:

    It was on Wade’s site that we met so long ago.
    As I remember, it was a query from you about the availability of your beloved aux F & which C Melodys were so equipped.

  10. alan says:

    Lewis, true, very true, and I still use that jar of best Devon Lanolin you were kind enough to acquire for me…. ( for the cork ! 😆 )

    I note today that our ‘blank‘ messages from yesterday have gone, but the ability to post is properly restored.  However that was the good news, the bad news is that the spammers  😈 are still taking full advantage…

    I predict that the new (Bravenet) forum will never really catch on in the same way,  and somehow I suspect young Wade is a little stretched these days, so setting up – and administrating – yet another potential forum may not be high on his list of priorities.  At times I have to scratch my noggin for new ideas here, I could write bucket-fulls about dogs, Dorset, cider etc. – but C-Saxes are still very much a sleeping giant, not quite arisen from the ashes yet 🙄  – possibly never, always the niche…

    The content here may need to diversify a little,  if regular posts are to be achieved !  May even have to add the odd bit of humour 😉  Still, there’s always  SaxOnThe Web,  and I suppose I really ought to plug the  WoodWind Forum  – eh Gandalfe ?

  11. Lewis Pelham says:

    I  took a peep at Gandalf’s Woodwind Forum.
    My first impression was, that although it was very good, it catered more for those esoteric double reed people, and doublers.  The sax. section provided little that could not be expanded on SOTW.
    For a simple Blues/Rock tenor and harp player it was perhaps a stage too far.
     Delighted that it exists however.

  12. al says:

    Strange that, Lewis – I always feel a little a little under-equipped when I’ve visited the Woodwind Forum, like I’d stumbled into a slightly exclusive club, all those expensive instruments – just a little outside my sphere of knowledge and expenditure… 

    Slightly like wandering into the Halls of Acedemia – sorry Gandalph (I have to tell it as I feel it…) – maybe I should inject a little homespun Cornish/Dorset humour, along with tales of alto clarinets just to wind up Terry, but how will it go down ? 🙄

    Perversely – in the same way that I suspect most readers here feel that we’re all a little bit quirky, and don’t quite know what to say, if anything – as the variety of comments in no small way reflects the actual number of readers 😕

  13. soybean says:

    How sad. I’m hoping to archive a few valuable posts from the old forum and maybe re-post them at SOTW. Wish me luck!

  14. ukebert says:

    I am devastated about this I have to say. I don’t miss the content, most of it is now in my head thank goodness, but it’s a huge loss. *sigh* Back to SOTW it would seem, which never had the intimacy of the old board. OR this place of course, although it is obviously more limited. I don’t suppose anyone’s tried the old new one have they?

    And how can we get a message to jb and the rest of the more considerate posters so as they can carry on here or at SOTW?

    I have been on the BBoards on the clari section, but it’s not in as readable a form as SOTW, and if you don’t keep on top of it all the interesting topics get buried. And the search function isn’t as user friendly as the vbbulitin one. Add that to the fact that there is little differentiation between interesting and uninteresting esoteric topics and "how can I do the gliss in Rhapsody in Blue?" threads. It may have changed though, I haven’t been on in a year or two.

    Oh yeah, hi everyone 🙂 I’m in Trondheim at the moment, going to Lofoten tommorow.

  15. ukebert says:

    In typical style, after posting I looked at the woodwind forum, to find that it is now completely different to what it was, unless this a completely different one 😉 I shall certainly examine it more closely when I get back.

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