Pete King “Lush Life” – he’s English…

Well, what can I say ?  To carry on the theme of ‘very listenable’ alto players, here’s that honourable English institution, Pete King.  I suppose we should call him Peter King, so as to not confuse him with the other Pete King – who was long-time friend and colleague of the late Ronnie Scott and those jazz clubs.  It does get confusing because both Peter and Pete are sax players !

At times you quite forget that he’s just having an unaccompanied amble, there’s no need for any other instruments…   The look on the smoking pianists face says it all !   Peter King – National Treasure

If you want a quick biography, check out the YouTube page (above, and select more info) – by the way, just to relive some old memories – and if you want more – here he is playing  Charlie Parkers old Grafton alto sax  at the London auction…  Bet that cranked the price up a bit, hope he was on commission ?

I couldn’t help thinking that I recognised Jeff Beck in the video – well, here’s another  YouTube video of Lulu, Jeff Beck and Peter King  (the pianist in the hat was the memory key…) probably at the same session.  More on YouTube if you care to look…

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3 Responses to Pete King “Lush Life” – he’s English…

  1. al says:

    Just to add, the pianist was Jon Cleary (New Orleans, altho’ from the accent he seems a touch British ?) and this seems to be a session at the Abbey Road Studios ? Maybe something to do with Martin Scorsese Presents: Red, White & Blues (2003)

    Here’s Peter proving that he can also be a very accomplished pub sax player, with ‘Who’s Sorry Now’, same line-up… Amazing, virtuosity one minute, honky-tonk the next ! 😆

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    I see that he remains faithful to his old gold/silver Conn 6M. Unless of course it is a  modern custom Yamamuragisama with an under slung octave rocker….the LH little finger table would have given the game away but we did not get a real shot of that.

  3. al says:

    Lewis – Wikipedia can say it better than I can –

    (quote) "around 2001 he changed to a limited edition Yanagisawa A9932Z solid silver and phosphor bronze alto [2], fitted with the same vintage metal Otto Link mouthpiece as before. His limited edition A9932Z is no longer produced by Yanagisawa, although the newer A9932J alto saxophone [3] is almost identical to it, except that the inside of the solid silver bell is not gold-plated and there are some minor differences in the engraving. In 2008, Peter was still playing the custom Yanagisawa alto, but with a metal mouthpiece hand-made by Freddie Gregory [4]."

    I think the model was actually named after him…  I did notice the modern ‘pinkie plate’ in one of the videos, next time I’m watching, I’ll try and grab a screenshot.

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