Cheapest ever overhaul ?

Subscribing (as I do) to Alibaba I get all kinds of weird and wonderful offers – almost on a daily basis. But the best, it would seem, is hidden in the depths on the website of Hakam Din and Sonsfrom Pakistan, established since 1910. On their FAQ page, is this amazing statement –

Question)- Do you do repair or an overhaul ?

Answer)- The priceless hands of our craftsmen are waiting to give a new life to your priceless instrument. It doesn’t matter which instrument it is, how old it is, how bad it is or what make it is, you can get it overhauled for US $50 only. (Note: You are responsible for shipping charges to and from Hakam Din. We recommend that you insure your package as well.)

$50 ? Even at third-world labour rates, that’s amazing… If it wasn’t for the potentially prohibitive cost of sending a package to/from Pakistan, I’d be quite tempted to send them a battered, pad-less, C-Mel to see exactly what they’d do for $50

P.S. Wonderful address… 21/176 Hakam Din Street – Sialkot 51310 – PAKISTAN – I’d just love to see a picture of the factory !

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5 Responses to Cheapest ever overhaul ?

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    I too, have exactly the right candidate, a 1904 R&C with seized axles….Hmmm

  2. ukebert says:

    I would be very very surprised if their definition of ‘overhaul’ is the same as mine…

  3. alan says:

    One of my very first ebay buys ( I since know better, or I hope I do…) was an old Albert C clarinet, from a house clearance in t’North.  Looked antique, even with an old style case, but, when I received it, I found to my dismay that it was a modern copy of an old clarinet – from India or Pakistan.  You know, the ones with string joints and red pads  😦

    I decided I’d make something of it, whatever.  So I tried to take off the action.  The rods had slotted heads, a very poor  excuse for threads, and were ‘interferance fit’.  I stopped there – it’s still around, I daren’t sell it, it’s just there to haunt me !  No good as a wall hanger either, it’d be a constant reminder of my foolishness…

    I hate that bloody clarinet, and my compulsiveness.

  4. Carmine Colacino says:

    Before dealing with Hakam-Din I’d advise everybody to give a look at this rip-off report:

  5. Carmine Colacino says:

    As I informed you, a while ago,  about my problems with Hakam-Din & Son clarinets, I feel I have to inform you likewise that those problems were eventually solved,
    and I updated accordingly my report on

    This is a copy of the text of the update:
    It took some time, but following an  e-mail message from Jamal Pasha the Export Executive at Hakam-Din & Sons, I received eventually my fixed instruments, they were fair, not great (needing some minor adjustments, but ok).
    There was a good surprise, though, as they sent me a very nice extra Eb Boehm wooden clarinet (very well done and with nice sound), their Eb clarinets, both plastic as well as the wooden ones are a bargain, and well done (indeed, as I already stated in my first report, the first Eb plastic Boehm they sent me had no problems).
    They also sent me, for compensation, a Boehm clarinet with golden-plated keys (they say they make the same also with silver plated keys) from the new line of clarinets they are producing now. This new clarinet is on a different class in comparison to the other ones, it is a nice instrument, very well done, the Vandoren mouthpiece I use fitted on it without any problem, and it has a very nice sound. They say this is the line of clarinets they plan to sell in Europe and elsewhere now on.
    The management realized apparently the need to improve the quality of both instruments and customer relationships.
    It is clear the change was overdue, and I have to honestly state that the Export Executive, Mr. Jamal Pasha, made possible to solve my problems with them fast, and this is good news for everybody willing to deal with Hakam-Dim.
    Eventually I ended up with the three clarinets I originally ordered (including the two fixed ones), and with two extra clarines of very good quality.

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