Bit of a mixture, this C-Mel…

Just browsing through the sold C-Mels on ebay, noticing that whilst the better straight-neck Conns seem to be very much outstripping all the other models – when I noticed this BuescherClick here for the ebay listing.

Ok, so the mouthpiece is upside down, it’s a Buescher but with a straight neck…  Hmmm, a Conn neck ?  Possibly, but it’s a bit out of proportion, looks a bit too short for a C neck – so probably a Conn ALTO microtuner neck ?

Why not, it’s got a Holton case as well – I’ll just go and see what I can make out of mix-n-match bits.  Should make for some interesting combinations !

Pity this one sold for just over $200, when real Bueschers, with a real Buescher neck, and real Buescher case, often sell for less…

Seems like ‘buyer beware’ is still a valid comment.

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2 Responses to Bit of a mixture, this C-Mel…

  1. JonF says:

    I’m sure you’re right about the neck, Alan. Amazing the old tat you sometimes see on the Devil’s junkyard. I’m always amused by mouthpieces on upside down, necks at a jaunty angle and saxes reclining the wrong way on stands. Sometimes from people who purport to be the players of expensive saxes. Saw one recently of a vintage Selmer, seller trying to give the impression he had ben the player of this cherished sax. Mouthpiece on upside down. Think I’ll stay away.

  2. Homer says:

    😯 😀 🙂 😦 ➡

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