Test Post of DM PhotoAlbum – A gorgeous Martin C-Melody

Just spotted this one on ebay, it’s in the 70K serial number range, before the changes on my later one (i.e. still has the forked Eb, G#trill, no aux-front-F) – but who cares, just look at that engraving ! But, with a ‘Buy-it-Now’ price of $2600 – I daren’t even think about it…:wink: Museum piece indeed !

Right-click on the main image for options, including slideshow – or click on individual thumbnails to see the big picture (arrows mean more, there are about 25 pics…) If you want a full-screen view, click “Full Screen” in the bottom right corner.

Photo Album: Gold plated Martin C-Melody Sax

Sincere thanks to ebay seller 492vs for such excellent pictures !

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5 Responses to Test Post of DM PhotoAlbum – A gorgeous Martin C-Melody

  1. Gandalfe says:

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. We have to quit lookin’ if’n you ask me. 🙄

  2. alan says:

    I did ask permission to display the pics, so I’ll put them on my ‘models/serials’ page for posterity – so that I can then eternally ponder the question ” Why not just buy it if you like it, because money will quite easily vanish in so many other ways – hardly any of them as pleasurable as this sax…” 😕

  3. Homer says:

    Doh ! It sold to someone else…

  4. alan says:

    Well, do the smilies work ?  

  5. alan says:

    🙂 😯 😛 😛 😀 😆

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