Review of the Aquilasax C Tenor (2008)

Just a quick ‘heads up’ that I’m doing a review of my recently arrived Aquilasax C Tenor, over the next few weeks. Looks (and plays) very promising !

Here’s the link – to the page (press the ‘Home button’ to get back to the normal blog ‘front page’ after you’ve finished viewing it) or you can click on the ‘ Aquilasax C – 2008 ‘ entry in the ‘ Pages: ‘ section in the sidebar.

Worth checking back often, it’ll be building slowly but surely… I’ll probably add a comment any time I make any major changes, so it show up in  ‘ Recent Comments ‘ – and will update any rss comments feed, if you’ve subscribed.

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5 Responses to Review of the Aquilasax C Tenor (2008)

  1. Gandalfe says:

    I soooo should have waited to hear your review before I purchased one of the inagural production line. The instrument was so poorly put together that my tech recommended not putting any money in it to make it right. There were loose connections, mis-alined pads, and other indications that these problems were not caused by shipping. Here’s hoping version 2.0 is much better.Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here, if a musician plays as well as you do they could perform successfully on a 2 X 4 hunk o’ wood. :o)

  2. ukebert says:

    I should waited as well Gandalfe, although mine wasn’t as bad as yours, just mashed up through clumsy shipping.

  3. alan says:

    I’m no expert on the construction of instruments – as long as they respond and play well, and don’t feel either awkward or ready to fall to bits at any time – it’ll usually do for me.
    I think the build and QC must have improved – from what I’ve heard of the first ones, this bears no resemblance. I need to talk to Steve about a minor change in the case, that will make the LH pinkie cluster very much less susceptible to shipping damage, but other than that I’m really enjoying playing this new C. (And the case is no longer a ’soft’ case !)
    It’s a breath of fresh air, playing a C that feels like a modern sax – at some time I’ll have to go back to the Martin C for comparisons, but I want to play the Aquilasax a lot more before I go back across that bridge. I do have other things on at the moment, but I’m getting in as much time as I can, and the neighbours can bear. So far I’ve only found a couple of minor problems, and it’d probably be fairer to call them ‘considerations’ rather than problems.
    Gandalfe, the problem with playing a mini-plank (we call them “four be two’s” in the UK) is that you have to soak them for a very long time first, and you only get a couple of good ones from a pallet full Hmmmm – I wonder how long a plank in C would be ?

  4. alan says:

    Nothing ominous about the silence – it’s a lovely sax,  just not had a great amount of spare time in the last week or two, just snatches.  Back on the Couf ebonite tenor mouthpiece, wider range of sounds, and getting to know the sax better – haven’t felt like playing the Martin since the Aquilasax arrive – read into that what you will… 

    No real problems.  I’ll probably be updating the review towards the end of the week, hopefully with a link to plenty of pictures, and I’ve some more sound samples (they could be better, but isn’t that always the case ?) 🙄  The comparison sounds should be in a week or so.

  5. alan says:

    Extra notes and sounds (phase 2) of the Aquilasax C review have been added – still editing – maybe you’d like to read it on the ‘next generation‘ blog ?  I can hear Lewis sighing already… 😆   It’s also here, but it looks nicer on this page –
    (why not click on ‘home’ afterwards, and have a look around – it’s a ‘not quite up-to-date’ version of here, still testing…)

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