Adolphe Sax – how better to celebrate a new blog ?

Well, how better to celebrate a new blog, than with a tribute to the young Mr Sax, arguably Belgium’s greatest achiever ?  I bought these stamps when they came out, in 1973.  Yes, as well as being a computer techie, a genealogy enthusiast, and a C-Melody fanatic – I’m also a closet philatelist…   A nerd, or anorak, to the core.

Belgium, that great country that we really just used to drive through on the way to gigs in Germany, populated by the Walloons and the Flems, and with two (at least) languages  What a fine place for our current Euro-HQ.

A country where I’m sure I’ve eaten horse… We once stopped in a small town just outside Brussels for a quick ‘Steak and Chips’.  Belgium is arguably the best country in the world for chips (fries…) – but the steak was, well, more than a little gamey !

We didn’t ask, why spoil an excellent meal, and it was ! I’ve eaten much more adventurous things since, for a rather naive 20 year old it was just another culinary experience. Talking of which, whatever happened to that old English tradition of eating rabbit ?

OK, back to the subject, a very sincere thanks to Adolphe Sax, without whom I’d probably now be playing a sackbutt, or even worse.  Thanks Ad – nice one, maybe we’ll meet one day !   If you’re up there, looking down, I’m sure you’re more than a little bemused by the current  ‘invasion of the Oriental saxophones…’

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One Response to Adolphe Sax – how better to celebrate a new blog ?

  1. ukebert says:

    I’ve eaten rabbit Alan, and hare for that matter: delicious 🙂

    Hmm, sackbutt? What’s wrong with the good old clarinet? 😛

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