All new posts/topics will be here – at ‘’

The blog/website has a new final resting place, – all future posts/topics will be here (as from 11th September 2008).  The old  ‘cblog‘ will just be kept open until I’m sure everything has been moved across, the old posts/topics are already here, so please post any future responses here  I’ll be tidying up, and moving the last odd stray comment across, over the next week, but all the action will be here now.  I’m not moving again in the foreseeable future…

If you had a login there, I’ll be moving those, and will email each subscriber with a new password – which can be changed on this new site by clicking the login button (on the right).  It is not necessary to have an account to comment, and comments are shown instantly.  It’s pretty much functionally the same as the old blog, look for ‘Home‘ and ‘Login‘ buttons, the ‘Recent Comments’ list is to the right, and links to the static pages (including a review of the new Aquilasax C ) are along the top of the screen.  There are (as there) buttons/links on this blog, to take you to other sections of the website.

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If you had RSS feeds to the old blog, here are the new links –

Posts –

Comments –

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The actual url to this new blog is – but I’ve set up redirects so that just typing/pasting  or  into your browser should find this page.  Should you not wish to partake of the blogging, which may also include interesting but possibly non-musical posts, you can always bookmark the main C Archive page – which is where it has always been, at  – and go directly there.

It’ll make life much easier for me here, being on a standard ‘template’, which can be upgraded/changed literally at the click of a button – as opposed to the original ‘cblog’ which was a very time-consuming programming exercise (an endless learning curve…), when I’d rather have been making musical sounds, or fixing up my huge pile of patiently waiting projects.  Of course all the normal Archive, Gallery, Personal, and For Sale pages remain where they were, it’s just a ‘front page’ change. 

Hope you enjoy, If you spot anything I’ve missed, please email me.


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8 Responses to All new posts/topics will be here – at ‘’

  1. alan says:

    And I’d just like to welcome all, off to walk the dog now… 😮

  2. lewis Pelham says:

    For someone not of this century…or the last, computers are a nightmare. Enjoyed only by porn seekers or people called Nigel dressed in wooly pullovers.
    To my jaundiced eye, the blog is becoming an exercise in Computer Technology, rather like musical chairs where the loser drops out…Please can we decide on a format which enables us to talk about saxophones, rather than pphrl…whatever that is; but I do not care.
    If this posts then I am both pleased and “up and running”
    If you have another committee meeting about urls or pphgh then please remember to exclude me.  👿

  3. alan says:

    Lewis – we are here, we are staying, I’ll talk techie with ukebert very quietly, and by email (not here) if I can…  Maybe there’s an admin area on the forum that we can use.  Oh, and phpBB is the logo of the company who wrote the forum software – but don’t worry, it’ll shortly be ‘splatted’ by a picture of a C-Melody saxophone, never to re-appear again.

    Hey, now you’re ‘on a roll’, why not try the forum ?  Bit sparse at the moment… I’m not quite sure the world needs yet another forum, but if it keeps Owen out of mischief… 🙄 😮

    Have you noticed how the pictures in the top right corner randomly change ?  Anyone got any nice ones that would go there ?  Those were only slapped in by me, to replace the landscape pictures that came by default.

  4. ukebert says:

    I like this format Alan, very sophisticated 🙂 Hope it stays put here for a bit 🙂

    And I have already created an admin area on the forum, accessible only by mods and admin. Way ahead of you :p

  5. alan says:

    ukebert – we are here for the foreseeable future, I deliberately chose a template that the author uses himself – so hopefully it will keep pace with the rapidly changing technology – he even has some more interesting plug-ins like a ‘Wall’ !
    So, barring minor cosmetic changes, and the odd extra gadget, this is it – to infinity and beyond…
    I’ve seen, and commented in,the forum admin area, be nice to have something to ‘admin’ tho’  😕   Visit the forum …

    btw – under the C-Melody Sounds player, I’ve added a ‘Wall’ – any informal comments welcome. Obviously you can still comment here, as well…

  6. Mal-2 says:

    The new format looks OK to me — I’m not in love with it but I don’t have any problems with it either. If it makes your like easier, that’s good enough reason for me! Less tweaking and more speaking. :mrgreen:

  7. alan says:

    Thanks Mal – it’s very functional, and easy to maintain.  I’m sure I’ll find something to tweak, if I look hard enough ! 😆

  8. alan says:

    the Forum – I’ve added a button that you just can’t miss…  JonF has ‘set the ball rolling’, so all contributions very welcome !

    Any problems using the forum, or even just for some help, feel free to email me

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