And now, the C Saxophone Forum

The UK C Saxophone and Clarinet Forum The more observant may have noticed the appearance of a new "THE FORUM" button towards the right-hand side of the screen, above the mp3 player.

Please give the new C Saxophone Forum your support – it’s not intended to take anything away from any existing forums, just maybe a more suitable vehicle for some of the longer discussions that currently take place on this blog.

Comment instantly as a guest, or register for an account – and within a very short time you’ll be able to post new topics yourself !

All welcome, ukebert and myself are moderators, so quality service guaranteed…  Very much early days, but worth a try.

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8 Responses to And now, the C Saxophone Forum

  1. Ross says:

    Is anyone else having trouble posting to the blog?
    A “post reply/comment” icon appears at first login but then disappears.
    Seems I can start a new topic but can’t comment on existing!

  2. alan says:

    Ross – I assumed you meant the forum, so I checked and found that (e.g.) you could reply in the Aquilasax section, but not in any others. That’s all sorted now, hopefully for everyone else as well. Just teething poblems, there’s a lot more to this ‘forum administration’ once the surface is scratched.

    Lewis – welcome to the forum, think you should also be able to do everything now…

    It’ll be all automatic after the first hundred registrations – as I explained elsewhere, it’s all down to stopping a spammer registering and instantly running amok. We don’t want that here, not after what happened to Wades old forum 🙄

    By the way, in case anyone is ever sitting in an internet cafe (or at work) and can’t remember the internet address, this site is now available as, or

    And adding blog. (blog-dot) to the front of any of those also gets here, e.g – similarly adding forum. (forum-dot) to the front goes direct to the forum, e.g.

    Enough choices ? 🙂

  3. Ross says:

    Alan – all fixed,thanks.
    I look forward to adding to the mix.
    Seems I can even handle smileys!

  4. alan says:

    Thanks Ross – I look forward to it as well.  If you (or indeed anyone else) would like to see new sections, you only have to ask… And please pass the word along !

  5. lewis Pelham says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but is there any method of posting photographs; if so, then how please.

  6. ukebert says:

    pressing “enter” twice usually works…

  7. alan says:

    Lewis –  couple of ways, here’s the first –

    a)  Click on the upload attachment tab – it’s underneath the text box when you post a reply
    b)  Below that you see “If you wish to attach one or more files enter the details below
    c)  Browse your PC to find the filename, you want, you’ll neeed to select it by pressing “Open ” on the window that you’ve found it in.
    d)  Add a comment in the other box, if you wish
    e)  Press “Add the file” and it will upload.

    You won’t see it on the post until you  press the “ Place inline ” button at the bottom of the screen – it’s meant to give you control overe whereabouts you put the image – i.e. before or after any text you write.  The photo will then show when you press the ‘Preview‘ button.  If you like what you see, press ‘Submit

    ====== and here’s the second ======

    The other (easier) option is to upload the photo’s to an internet album like you’ve done before, get the url from your browser address bar, and paste each one between the [img] and [/img] you get when you press the Img button at the top of the Post Reply screen.

    You get something like this, obviously with your details replacing mine –

    ===== or alternatively =====

    Bit messy I know, I’m OK for you (or anyone) to email me pics, and I can slot them into wherever you want them, resizing if needed.  Give it a try.  I’m always at the end of an email…

  8. alan says:

    I have to admit, the pics you sent me are so good I sneaked them onto the forum anyway… 🙂 Hover over the links below for a preview, or click for full size… You may need to click again on the picture when it comes up in your browser to see the full sized pics – Gorgeous sax !

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