How to sell a C-Melody saxophone…

Lee Mason, on YouTube, demonstrating the Mason Pro C-Melody (arguably from the same Chinese factory as Steve’s Aquilasax) that he sells in the USA as part of the Mason Pro range. This particular sax has been on ebay a couple of times, but didn’t sell at around US$800.

Lee, you seem a very genuine sort of guy, but I can’t see that video really bringing the C-Mel into the 21st Century.

More of Lee’s range are also featured on YouTube videos, here are the links to a tenor sax, and a little sopranino.

Come on then Steve, how about a video showing you playing one of your Aquilasax C’s in the New Zealand wilderness ? 

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6 Responses to How to sell a C-Melody saxophone…

  1. lewis Pelham says:

    Not bad really for someone who has played a saxophone for only ten minutes….with the added penalty of a red sax.

  2. alan says:

    I think Lee is really a clarinet player at heart, he has quite a good embouchure on the ‘nino, and elsewhere on Youtube he tackles ‘Amapola’ – the haunting clarinet theme from Robert DeNiro’s “Once upon a time in America”. Maybe I was a little unkind ?

    I’ll think about it over a pizza and a couple of glasses of scrumpy đŸ˜¯

  3. lewis Pelham says:

    I was probably being unfair to Lee; I judged him only on that clip of him playing the red tenor. Difficult to take seriously anyone who plays a red tenor!

  4. ukebert says:

    Clarinet player. Him saying “That was me, not the horn” says it all, sadly.

  5. Eric says:

    Doesn’t sound too bad on the C mel and the tenor (all things considered) I’ll forgive the soprano. 
    How do I register for this forum so I can log in?

  6. alan says:

    Eric – welcome, you can post directly here on the blog now without an account – I did have a system in place where just the first comment from a new comtributor needed to be moderated (to combat spam), but I’ve just lifted that restriction.

    If you (or anyone) would like to create an account for this blog, there are several ‘Login’ buttons in the right-hand column – click on those and you’ll see ‘Register’ at the bottom of the login/password box. After registering, you’ll get an email with your password – that can be changed later in your profile.

    Same idea for the forum – you can comment without logging in, but if you want an account there to be able to post new topics, look over to the right for a ‘Register’ link. Sorry that one account doesn’t do both forum and blog, different software…

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