Senility must be knocking…

I got just a little irate today when I received an email from a Financial Institution proclaiming (so I thoughtSuper Accounts For Senile Savers…

Thankfully, I re-engaged my brain and re-focused my eyes before bursting a blood vessel, and realised that I’d misread "Sensible Savers" !  But I guess it’s only a matter of time…  The writing is on the wall, the clock is ticking – better get that Aquilasax review finished, whilst I can still remember that I’m doing it… 😆

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8 Responses to Senility must be knocking…

  1. lewis Pelham says:

    At your tender age you can joke about it. When you get to mine, you keep schtum…it ceases to be a joke.   😦

  2. lewis Pelham says:

    A good example.
    Today, for lunch, we drove all the three miles to Appledore & eat lunch at a quayside pub….fresh local crab of course.
    Walking back to the car past the twee little cottages I could not understand why one was called “Curfew Cottage”…only later did I realise that it was Curlew….D’Oh.

  3. alan says:

    Lewis, this was just an “off-the-cuff” post about my own occasional confusion. I often think my house has poltergeists because I can look for fifteen minutes for a misplaced item – only to find it mysteriously back where I’d originally thought it was, staring me in the face… 😐

  4. lewis Pelham says:

    Alan. How often do you find yourself upstairs and forget why you were up there?
    I believe that the trigger to your memory is located somewhere in your backside, because only when you walk back down stairs & sit on the sofa do you remember why you went….sitting on the sofa is the key.   😕

  5. ukebert says:

    Oh come on Lewis, I do that most days, and I am about a third of Alan’s age :p

  6. lewis Pelham says:

    Thank you ukebert…I take comfort from your comment.

  7. ukebert says:

    You can call me Owen you know, we have been introduced 😉

  8. lewis Pelham says:

    Thank you Owen…I stuck to ukebert as some sort of interweb protocol; I did not wish to reveal personal details of you to the web. For instance, on SOTW, I am disguised as Captain Beeflat & use no other name…..hardly for sinister reasons; purely anonimity. As you say however, we have known each other for a long time.   😀

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