A fine pair of bare-metal saxophones !

Two fine examples of bare metal saxophones.

Neither of the two tenors in the photograph has a trace of lacquer or plating on their bodies; yet, aesthetically, they require, in my view, diametrically opposite treatment.

They both look rather  smart… The bare brass Grassi (right), brutal – it’s patina giving the appearance of a sand casting.

The Buescher (left), in solid silver – somehow begs to be polished.

Perhaps I should allow the Buescher to turn black & highly polish the Grassi…  Somehow, I do not think that it would work so well ?

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6 Responses to A fine pair of bare-metal saxophones !

  1. ukebert says:

    What a fantastic pair of saxes. Beautiful.

  2. Gandalfe says:

    Nice lookin’ rides. But I’ll stay with my lacquer’d babies. They require no work.  8)

  3. lewis Pelham says:

    You would not believe how much maintenance that Grassi needs; occasionally I have to change a reed, & before playing I always have to check that G# & low C# are not sticking.   😀
    Rather like having a dark suit for weddings & funerals, appearances can sometimes be forced upon us; consequently the poseur Buescher will be ideal when I play at a family funeral on Friday….my “audience” will, I suspect, be more concerned with appearance than content & tone. Or shall I take my maintenance free gold plated R&C?
    Yoi, Yoi,…all these decisions….. 😉
    Of course I agree with you 100%…sound is everything; but the same great sound with a nice looking horn ain’t bad….especially as that poseur Buescher was a gift from an old friend.
    Best wishes,   Lewis.

  4. Eric says:

    I play a silverplate Conn Alto in a community band, the only one in a lineup of brass. Sometimes it’s nice to stick out a bit.

  5. lewis Pelham says:

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that there was sales resistance at some period, to silver or nickel plated saxophones…fear of being ex military….oh, the ignominy.  😳 Apparently this was particularly aimed at the silver plated Selmer Mk6. I would not mind a brace of those if someone is too embarrassed to be seen with them.

  6. alan says:

    Yes Lewis – in the late 60’s/early 70’s when I lived in London – after looking at the Grafton alto and King Super 20 tenors in Shaftesbury Avenue – I would go ‘down-market’ to Charing Cross Road, and wonder just who would ever buy the silver-plated MkVI tenors hanging on the wall in Macari’s Musical Exchange, at silly knock-down prices…

    Perversely, this was just down the road from Selmer’s London showroom, where only the shiny gold-lacquer ones were in the window at much higher cost – I think the sole buyer of sliver plated ones was the military.  How times change.  The word ‘hindsight’ comes to mind !

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