Who is this handsome old sea-dog ?

Just couldn’t resist publishing this picture, taken by young Jo last month, ‘Ace photographer’ of the year ! (there’s a pun in there, the name of my dog is Ace…)

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6 Responses to Who is this handsome old sea-dog ?

  1. lewis Pelham says:

    Splendid, who could not trust such a man?
    A generic type; around here in Appledore, most of the fishermen and singers of sea shanties (dangerously close to Folk) affect a similar appearance….with an appropriately heavy North Devon accent.

  2. Alan says:

    Lewis – about that heavy North Devon accent – listen to the start of this track, it’s the more slightly refined ‘Grammar School ‘ East Cornwall accent.  Assisted by just getting over a minor bug that has triggered the asthma, and the low harmonics…

    The recording is a very impatient first test on the fifty quid Red5 ‘studio’ mic that arrived at the crack of dawn – plug it in, check the level, grab the first sax to hand (Martin C) – it’s a real star, shockmount and all for £50.  Damn – the Martin still sounds good, BIG sound, whereas when I record the Aquilasax later it’ll almost certainly sound edgier and lighter.  Listen on, but I may well start a ‘Recording’ section in the forum to document ongoing observations as I play with my new toy.


    Sorry about the reverb, didn’t sound too heavy in the cans, but when I listened to it on the speakers (after mixing it down, and closing Cool Edit Pro, therefore losing the original track – doh !) it sounds a bit OTT. It’s caled ‘Stereo Plate’…

    Now a forum topic, The Red5 RV6 microphone

  3. lewis Pelham says:

    Your pronunciation of “four” as “fowwer” is the clue that you are from the West Country…not a very heavy accent however.
    Around here the accent changes from village to village…only five miles apart.

  4. alan says:

    Lewis – I suspect I’d just come off the phone from hassling some poor official – so probably I’d slipped a bit back towards my business ‘phone voice’, developed during those decades in and around London…

    For some obscure reason, people seemd more willing to trust a slick neutral-accent ‘Londoner’ rather than a warm-voiced ‘son of the soil’…   Must have either had bad experiences with West-Country holidays, or maybe they thought that ‘Cousin Jacks’ couldn’t possibly understand about their technology ?  😆

    At least I managed to lose the ‘transatlantic’ accent gained whilst working for the US companies – at one time I used to almost sound like a DJ !  😯   ” Good Morning Vietnam ! “

  5. Gandalfe says:

    You’ve got Ace, I’ve a six month old German Shep named Amelia. As a matter of fact, she is sleeping at my feet. She’s been listening to my saxophone stylings so long that she thinks I play well enough not to chase her out of the room. Well if you call six months long. It’s all about perspective, isn’t it.  :o)

  6. lewis Pelham says:

    We have spoken together, so you know how I sound.
    It is not my fault that I was sent to an English Public School (as distinct from the American, more logical, nomenclature) I cannot help how I sound, but in this egalitarian world, some people recoil when they first hear me speak.
    It is now considered almost immoral to appear to have had any form of “privileged” education…despite Guantanamo Bay  being sissy when compared to a public school education.  Nowadays one has to be “part of the system” to be considered worthwhile, & speak with a ghastly Geordie or London accent.
    Oh how things have changed….perhaps I should adopt a fake Liverpool accent.

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