…and a very gentle New Year

To all my friends, and indeed to all visitors to the blog/forum/website, may I offer this very laid back version of Auld Lang Syne – very proficiently multi-tracked by CooolJazzz – together with my sincerest wishes to you all, for a gentle and rewarding 2009.




It is readily acknowledged as a transcription of the Dave Koz original track, of which, due to copyright, I am only able to offer a short extract…

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2 Responses to …and a very gentle New Year

  1. Barry Brown says:

    Very laid back.  Mr. Koz has a real nice sound (is that correct terminology? I’m only a drummer!!)  I like what I’ve heard of Dave Koz on the radio. He has his own radio show here in Canada
    Cheers, Barry

  2. Gandalfe says:

    Happy New Year from Seattle. This clip makes me wanna grab the sax and give it a go. Be well.

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