Last of Kathy’s Summer Wine

Probably won’t mean anything to non-UK visitors to the blog, but the sad loss in December 2008 of Kathy Staff means yet another familiar face gone from the television series  Last of the Summer Wine.  No more of Nora Batty’s wrinkled stockings…

I suppose it’s inevitable that a series that’s now run for over 35 years, and focuses mostly around a bunch of eccentric old-un’s, should inevitably have more than its fair share of fatalities – but each passing is both sadly missed and fondly remembered.  A full obituary can be read here…  


Clicking on this YouTube link  will provide enthusiasts with hours of pleasure…  I’m not quite sure how far around the globe the series has spread – the combination of dry but corny humour, and colloquial Northern talk, may not be to everyone’s taste.

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3 Responses to Last of Kathy’s Summer Wine

  1. Alan says:

    Having just watched the first ‘new’ episode, and not having been very impressed,  I’m ashamed to say that I think it should die naturally in respect to the original cast – now seems to have become the Russ Abbot show…   Here’s my comment on the ‘Last of the Summer Wine‘ group –

    ” It does seem like the new series has had a bit of a change around. Peter Sallis and Frank Thornton just had little cameo parts in the first new episode, whereas the main ‘out and about’ threesome has apparently become Russ Abbot, Brian Murphy and the amazing Bert Kwouk. 

    And the whole ‘on-screen’ look seems brighter, less natural, maybe it has something to do with also being available in high-def ? Whilst I’d be sad if the series ended, just think of all the vintage LotSW repeats on BBC3/4 that would follow… “

  2. lewis Pelham says:

    Peter Sallis is hopefully conserving his dotage to continue with Wallis and Gromit. Whereas he can be replaced in Last of the Summer Wine, it is difficult to imagine a substitution in W&G.

  3. alan says:

    Yes, hard to imagine another voice saying ” What, no more Wensleydale, Grommit ?

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