Free backing tracks on the web

In the process of reviewing my woefully inadequate page listing available Backing Tracks at the top of the main screen, I discovered a very useful Russian website with a raft of free backing tracks – including rock, blues and jazz, most of which are very usable and (I’d say) of pretty much professional standard.  The clickable picture to the left show just a small selection of what’s available there – it’s the normal ‘right-click’ and ‘save target as’ routine to download them.  Although it seems to hint at ‘Guitar’ backing tracks, those opposite seem mostly for melody instruments, C or otherwise 🙂

Some are duplicates of  backing tracks that I’ve already purchased on CD’s thro’ ebay, so I’ve no doubt that this is the ‘Backing Track’  version of the free ‘Fake Book’  sites – where they’ve been ‘collected’ from various sources and then published on the internet for maximum availability.

As such I really can’t comment on the legality (or otherwise) of these, and, being on a Russian website it might make copyright difficult to enforce.  Enjoy or not, according to your taste and/or conscience – I’m just pointing to a resource that any of us could have easy found thro’ a Google search.

In the interest of research for this blog, I naturally had to download a couple to test…  They all worked fine, and my PC is virus-checked very frequently, no problems found there.  Having been involved in previous conversations about free fake books, which obviously complement these backing tracks, I’m loathe to offer links to any sites I’ve found offering those here.  I also found those sites quite easily, if you need any searching hints or help, I might be amenable…

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3 Responses to Free backing tracks on the web

  1. lewis Pelham says:

    What a huge and comprehensive assortment…that should keep me busy for a while. Perhaps I will not even attempt Joe Satriani.

  2. alan says:

    I’ve just been playing some gentle C-Soprano along with the Joe Zawinul
    Mercy Mercy Mercy track

  3. Ken says:

    visit and they have free backing tracks for your own practice!

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