Wallace and Gromit Renault commercial

Whilst I’m looking around for suitably interesting topics on C Saxophones (not easy…), here’s a Wallace & Gromit commercial from 2003 for the Renault Kangoo.  I suppose the only tentative connection with C’s is that – if Wallace ever took up saxophone – he’d almost certainly have to play a C-Melody !

Wallace And Gromit Ad – video powered by Metacafe

If you’d like more info, here’s the background story (click here)

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3 Responses to Wallace and Gromit Renault commercial

  1. Ross says:

    If Wallace took up the C melody it would probably bear a striking similarity to Helen’s “mystery instrument”.
    I don’t think Wallace’s mouth would be conducive to developing a good embouchure!

  2. alan says:

    Ross – Wallace would be better at playing a sax than Gromit tho’.  I’ve been watching Wallace and Gromit for years, but it was only when I recently read a review I realised that I’d never noticed that Gromit doesn’t even have a mouth…

    A dog that’d never need feeding (nor picking up the by-products…) – now that’s something !  I assume Wallace & Gromit have reached the Southern hemisphere ?

  3. Ross says:

    Yes, they have reached our shores – along with “Creature Comforts.”
    Essential viewing!

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