The Old Time Jazz website – amazing !

It’s amazing how a simple link in a saxontheweb post can lead to hours of listening pleasure – that’s how it was with Old Time Jazz

Twenty-two thousand downloadable mp3 files covering the classics of jazz from the 20’s to the very early 50’s !

Just type a name into the central ‘ Submit ‘ box, and watch the results flood out.  Interestingly, whilst a search for Trumbauer produced load of tracks, a search for Wiedoeft didn’t produce any 😦 Guess Rudy was considered more ‘Vaudeville’ than jazz ?

‘ Right-clicking ‘ on the far-right MP3 download link brings them to your own PC, and although there don’t seem to be any restrictions, it’s suggested that a token $5 donation (thro’ Paypal is fine) will give access to the twenty-two thousand mp3’s for three months…

I think it needs the free Realplayer if you listen from the site, as opposed to downloading the file(s) – and there’s even some one-hour selections  (playlists) if you want streaming audio.  It’s amazing how much stuff there is in there, right up to the start of the fifties !  I’ve been listening to vintage Woody Herman, the Dorsey’s, Ellington, Basie, and even two versions of Harlem Nocturne all afternoon. Thanks guys, amazing website and fantastic resource !

Old Time Jazz 


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