Conn C-Melody + Aquilasax mouthpiece

To quote from Youtube – ” Yo! Joe Albano here. Just finished overhauling a conn c mel for myself. Got a metal aquilasax c mel piece that actually plays well. Sound is on the darker side…kinda linkish. Here’s a little sound test for y’all !  ”  

Bit of a vocal pre-amble, playing starts at about three minutes in, it’s a good solid tone.



  To compare Joe’s C-Melody sound with his normal sax ( and/or bass clarinet ? ) sound, click here for Joe’s MySpace page – check out ‘tripolar

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One Response to Conn C-Melody + Aquilasax mouthpiece

  1. Joe Albano says:

    Hey!  Googling your name is fun!  You’ll never know what you’ll find.  That’s me in the video!  Thanks for the nod.  A better contrast is actually the cannonball alto video that’s also on youtube.  Anyway, thanks for the extra traffic anyway!  Great site, very informative.

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