This blog has been upgraded – Ouch…

This blog has just had an upgrade of the core software to WordPress 2.7 – broadly speaking this shouldn’t change anything from the visitors point of view, it should still look, act and sound the same… 

The changes are deep in the bowels of the technology, and meant to (amongst other things) keep those  wicked spammers  at bay, as well as ‘enhancing the core functionality’ – just love that phrase – but, just in case you spot something that doesn’t work like it did last time you used the blog, please leave a comment – whilst you’re there, have a read of all the comments, any tweaks/fixes will be listed as comments .

The most noticeable thing is that an anti-spam word is now required even for registered and logged-in users – even me – sorry, it was another spam ‘back door’… 😦 Always worth pressing your F5 (refresh) key to make sure that you’re using the latest version of the blog…  Thanks !

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6 Responses to This blog has been upgraded – Ouch…

  1. alan says:

    The upgrade was not without trauma, one of the software plugins – the ‘flashy’ bits – seemed to get a little upset at the changes, and didn’t want to play 😦   Lets hope that was the only one !  Fingers crossed…

  2. alan says:

    There is now a proper login (or register) box on the far right -just below the ‘Recent Posts’ section…  Of course you don’t have to either register or login to comment.

    I also am looking at another enhamcement, that will allow me to highlight recent forum posts/comments on the blog front page – additions are easily missed even when in the depths of the forum… 😕

  3. alan says:

    Please note the new neat little slideshow on the far right ! But – it’s more than just a slideshow, if you click on any of the pictures, it will take you direct to the post that the picture is from.  So, from now on I’ll be putting one or more relevant pictures in each post, just to make it obvious, and of course add to the blog appeal.

    I’ve now increased the number of posts/topics on each page to 20 , to allow more pictures (and therefore posts) to display in the slideshow on the right .  Please let me know if this causes any problems, or undue delay, in loading the page. 😀
    Great if you can’t remember the title of the post…
    P.S. – I’ll also be looking at ways to make the blog load onto your computer screen with as little delay as possible.  😉

  4. alan says:

    New user registration on this blog has temporarily been suspended as an anti-spam precaution – I always worry when I see new registrations with cryptic names/emails and no personal details (or comments)…
    Anyone needing an account can email me, and I’ll set one up.   Registration is still available on the forum.

  5. alan says:

    As  activity has re-started, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.8.2 – the latest version – whilst it’s still relativelyquiet.  So, if anyone reads this, and experiences any new problems, other than ‘finger trouble’ –  please let me know…

    So far it’s “Lookin’ Good!” (that should bring the biugs out of the woodwork…  😆 )

  6. alan says:

    Well, having just returned from the abyss known as “retirement…” it’s time to restart the blog in earnest, and start updating the web pages.  Loads more musical playables, fixables, collectables, and knick-nacks to share with the world, they’ve been languishing in boxes for far too long !
    So, this is to test out the upgrade to WordPress THREE, seems to be fine, so expect some new posts within the week.  It’s great to be back.   😀

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