A good solid C-Melody sound !

Came across this on YouTube.  Don’t know who the player is, seems like it’s a Lyon & Healy C-Melody, probably stencilled by Martin – the video makes it hard to identify, but I think I got a glimpse of a Martin’ish bow fin, and the bell B tone-hole looks a bit bevelled.  Beautifully solid sound !  Mouthpiece looks to be relatively modern, probably tenor, playing starts about 30 seconds in.

Thanks, randynkaisy – whoever you are…




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12 Responses to A good solid C-Melody sound !

  1. alan says:

    Ah – it’s on ebay, two days to go, starting at $100 and no bids so far.  Surely this must sell ?
    Only one picture in the listing, but loads more pics on photobucket.com.   I was mistaken in thinking it was a Martin (from the video) – the bow fin has the Buescher shape, and there’s not a bevelled tonehole to be seen, it’s a Buescher stencil.

  2. lewis Pelham says:

    Anyone confused by the expression “punchy sound” should pay attention.

  3. Alan says:

    Indeed – very appropriate description   🙂

  4. ukebert says:

    Yeah, it looks like a scalloped bow fin from the video.If you pause it it’s clearer 😉

    Very nice sound. I like it when people post actual sound clips on, I’m surprised it isn’t done more. It must sell, surely?!

  5. Alan says:

    Amazingly, still no bids with less than a day and a half to go…  There are normally low ‘marker’ bids, or questions like ” Will you ship to the UK ?”
    Strange, Buescher stencils like the L&H are great saxes, I had one, the metal touches are just as good (in fact I think better) than pearl, and that worn/patinated finish, surely someone would die for it ?

  6. ukebert says:

    Please don’t say that Alan, I’ll be tempted. I have enough instruments thank you…

  7. ukebert says:

    “Will ship to United States”.

    Thank the lord.

  8. alan says:

    But it’s the same sax as yours, just different engraving (and no neck brace)  – and I’m sure if you mailed him he’d agree to ship to the UK if you asked nicely – heehee

  9. ukebert says:

    Yeah, I’m the first to admit that I have GAS, and I am tempted, but there are better things to spend my money on 😦

    Having said that, I do feel more comfortable with concave dish touches than pearls. Sometimes the simple solution can be the best.

  10. Spot on Alan … have alredy restored one of these … they are a nice easy repair though … 🙂   Dean’o

  11. Just looking at this again Alan ….. Seems very reminisent of a Harwood C mel I did a while ago … and as we all know .. Buescher was the creator of that stencil…… solid metalic finger buttons on keys ….. 🙂

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