Whatever happened to April ..??

Whatever happened to April – seemed to have slipped by at breakneck speed without a single new post.   So – just as a quick “catch-up”, here’s a few things that have changed, although I’ll probably expand on them in future posts.


My tenor Lawton 8*BB is back with me from its holiday in New Jersey (wish I’d gone there with it 🙂 ), and is now in the fine company of an 8*B and an ebonite 8BB – click/hover here for a picture of them all – both recently acquired from cyber friends – many thanks to Jon and Andrew for very sensible prices.  I’ve been checking them all out on my old $77 Martin stencil tenor, and I very much suspect that the Lawton 8BB ebonite will end up on the Aquilasax bare-brass C, deposing the current Couf J10*S.  The brass 8*B will probably become the main tenor piece, leaving the 8*BB either free for re-sale or as an emergency paint-stripper…


All this ‘tenoring’ has raised my tenor hackles, and nice as my old Martin tenor is, I ‘ve just won a new Steve Goodson (stop that hissing…) Orpheo burnished brass tenor sax for a BIN offer of just $500 (that’s a total delivered cost, including shipping and UK VAT/duty, of less than 500 quid for a well equipped piece of kit.  They are around eleven hundred pounds/quid (incl. shipping)  if you buy them in the UK from Goodson’s UK outlet.   All it needs now is for Noteworthy Musical to invoice me via Paypal, so that I can actually pay – but I guess things move slowly in Texas ? 


That’s the tenor, on the left – looks wierd, that high-G rod going all the way up the back, past the knuckle-duster…  Here is some more info about the Orpheo tenor – and a Youtube video – featuring Valdemort himself, with all the playing done by Derek Nash, from the UK….



What else ?  Well, both my alto and tenor Tone Edge Links have gone to a very nice man in Southampton – thanks Roger.  Plus I’ve been checking out ways of renovating those old ebonite mouthpieces – I can ‘almost’ get them to taste like new again !   And – this is partly why the posting hiatus – I’ve finally bitten the bullet and am clearing out all the junk from my house.  Can’t live like  Steptoe  any more.  So what I can’t sell on the website will go by eBay – although I’m amazed that (if you include Paypal fees) I can now look forward to losing 15% of the selling price as commission – or to the tip…  Guess there’s no eBay/Paypal recession !


The C’s haven’t been neglected, still playing the Conn PanAm C-Sop and the bare-brass Aquilasax C.   Anyway, hello again, and I look forward to posting a new topic at least every few days – watch this space.  If I owe anyone an email response, apologies, they’ve been coming thick and fast – I’m wading thro’ those (as fast as I can go) as well 😦 – if you’re really desperate for a response, send it again so that it’s at the top of the pile…


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9 Responses to Whatever happened to April ..??

  1. ukebert says:

    Looking forward to seeing what your Orpheo looks and sounds like Alan, keep us informed!

  2. Alan says:

    Will do, ukebert – I’ll start a new post.  I did check feedback from other Orpheo buyers (mine seemed to be one of the two lowest recorded  ‘offers’ – and all the other buyers seemed happy.  To put it into context, it’ll cost  less than an Aquilasax C, even if I factor in tax/duty – which I’ll probably have to pay – and it’s keyed to G, with two necks…
    If it turns out to ne that good, I may well put in a similarly ‘tongue in cheek’ offer for an ato and a soprano.   Could probably get all three for the same cost (even including shipping/tax/VAT) as just getting the tenor from Goodsons UK outlet.
    Why do I now have this sinking feeling –  seems too good to be true ?  At least I’ve now been invoiced, so I can pay ! Remember that’s ‘Orpheo’ – pronounced “Or-fay-oh” 🙂

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    The spec of that orr-fay-oh is certainly impressive; all the bits that we like built into one horn. Surprised that it does not have an underslung octave rocker to give a full house of goodies.
    I, for one, will certainly be very interested in your opinions.

  4. Alan says:

    Yes Lewis – I thought maybe they’d have to keep a few ‘goodies’ back for their expensive ‘Signature’ model – but, as you can see, it’s not on that either.  Not sure I’d cope with something that bright, it’d stay like that forever with it’s anti-tarnish coating – have to wear shades to play it…  🙂
    No underslung octave mech even on the soprano
    Now that’s surprising, almost every new oriental soprano has that feature – maybe it’s a ‘retro’ thang…

  5. Mal-2 says:

    Now you’ve gone and given SG a dose of economic stimulus — he wants $700 for the next one. Not that this is a bad price, but you did well.

    I wonder how much the extra goodies cost to build? When a company doesn’t have to worry about competing with its own high-end, cost is probably the only factor in deciding what to add and what to leave out. (Cost includes time, reliability, etc. as well.)

  6. Alan says:

    Mal – mine was listed with a BIN of $699 – but I made a Best Offer of $500 which was accepted ! (much to my surprise).   Maybe I should have tried even less, as I’m hardly going to be taking advantage of the one year guarantee – but I suspect $500 was their minimum acceptable offer.

    I understand that Noteworthy are no longer associated with Steve Goodson, and are clearing out his model horns – hence the (negotiable) bargain prices on SG horns…  There may not be many left !

    Well – all done – I just put thro’ a payment of: $589.75 USD
    ( that’s £397.16 GBP in real money ) to include shipping costs to the UK. If I get unlucky (probably) I’ll have around another $150/£100 UK tax/duty to pay before I get my mitts on it. Fingers crossed, and as soon as I get it I’ll open a fresh post. Probably put in some time on the old Martin tenor this week, get my tenor chops working. Sorry C’s, more neglect I’m afraid… 😦

  7. Ha Ha … dont worry Alan .. it will be well worth it 🙂 They are easily comparable to Cannonball sax’s and they are over 3x the price … 😦  Really like the new mods to Steve’s Orpheo’s … makes alot of sence …. Hope you get it in good time … Where’s the concert going to be to let us all hear this beast … ?   Kind Regards Dean’o

  8. alan says:

    Wish I did have an outlet Dean’o – all the good local gigs/jams seem to have dried up.  In conversation with Lewis recently, I remarked that if I wanted to take a whistle/fife, or even the C-Sop, out to a selection of local pubs, I could probably sit in with enough folk ‘ensembles’ to put me off  playing for life  😆 – but this end of Dorset is rapidly becoming a barren musical wasteland inhabited only by acid/house/garage and folk.

    Might have something to do with the new ‘music license’ requirements.  I understand that in some areas, individual musicians contact info has to be submitted so that any “terrorist connections” can be ruled out.  I can remember the expression “Our playing went down like a bomb” – maybe that’s not so much of a joke these days ?

    Nothing for it – except to maybe think about forming my own little combo ???  😕   I’ll just go and dust orf the DJ…  😀

  9. Lewis Pelham says:

    Welcome back Alan.
    It is the same scene musically around here too. Loads of gigs and jams for Folkies but  real musicians seem to have been neglected.
    Can we be assured that you did not learn to play mandolin in your absence?

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