Orpheo Pro Model 301-BB Series Tenor

If anyone has been reading the comments in the Whatever happened to April ..?? post will have noticed that I recently purchased an Orpheo Pro Model 301-BB Series Tenor Sax  from Noteworthy Music – listed at a BIN of $699, but I had my slightly cheeky offer of $500 accepted literally within minutes.


I was a little concerned to see that they then seemed to stop selling them, despite having shown “more than ten availableon the original eBay listing.  However I feel even happier about it now, as the eBay listing has just reappeared with a higher BIN of $799 !


The only other misgivings I had about Noteworthy – apart from the sax being so cheap was some bad comments/feedback about not being very quick to answer emails, and some confusion because their default checkout system (Kyozou) doesn’t seem to recognise non-USA buyers, necessitating a request for a manual PayPal invoice.  When Kyozou started chasing me up for a payment that had already gone thro’ PayPal,  I took the sensible route and made a quick telephone call to their Customer Service in San Antonio, Texas, where I instantly got thro’ to a very helpful lady called Gloria Carrasco.


I was quite impressed that Gloria recognised my name, and told me that she’d just processed my order, and that the sax would be shipped out today – even supplied the CP…US number from the Customs Form so that I could track it.  So, I formally declare this saxophone topic now “open”, and will wait with eager anticipation until it arrives.  You can follow the trials and tribulations here.  Only downside is, Noteworthy being a business, I couldn’t really ask the normal ‘$50/gift’ question – but I’d like it to have a real valuation in case of problems – and I don’t mind paying the odd bit of duty/VAT, it’s not often I get stung.  Over the years I seem  to have been quite lucky…  🙂  And, with the just-increased BIN of $799, my offer seems to have saved me $299, instead of my original $199 – it gets better by the day !


So I’ve been putting in a little time on my old Martin stencil tenor, and checking out which mouthpieces might suit it best.  Probably a bit premature, as the old (30’s) Martin tenor still has mostly rivet pads, and the Orpheo (that’s “Or-fay-ohh“…) will probably naturally come up quite a bit brighter with modern reflectors.   Annoying thing is that my old Couf J10*S – plus the usual Rico Royal #3 – now lets me hit altissimo G3 right on the button, solid as a rock, with the front-F + side-Bb fingering – do you think the old tenor senses something and has stopped playing ‘hard to get’ ?  Or maybe grappling with C’s has made Bb tenor playing a doddle ?  Whatever, the Coufs  still seems to be giving  my three Lawton’s  a good run for their money – but let’s see how they all respond with the new sax, if and when…   I have to say, feels good with a Bb tenor under my fingers again ! Keeping those fingers crossed, this is the bit I hate, the shipping time 😦


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  1. Alan says:

    Well, as good as their word, the USPS tracking page shows the package “was accepted at 3:17 PM on May 12, 2009 in SAN ANTONIO, TX 78212” – and the UK Parcelforce tracking page shows it as well (I’ve masked part of the number) –
    Parcel number: CP18xxxxxx8US
    Status: Accepted
    Parcel tracks
    Date      Time     Location      Tracking Event
    12-05-2009  15:17   Delivery Agent – UNITED STATES AMERICA   Collected from customer

    Which means that unless someone else in the UK had something shipped from Noteworthy on the same day, I’ve even been given the correct tracking number – in this case it’s the barcode number from the Customs form.
    In case anyone else ever wants to track their US purchases,  shipped by USPS, those are the two links you need.   If the more expensive/faster shipping option is used, then a seperate tracking number is supplied.  If anyone needs further info on tracking – just ask…

  2. Mal-2 says:

    I have found my Buescher C-mel’s altissimo to be much more like an alto than like a tenor, so I’m not sure it’s the C-playing that makes your tenor altissimo seem easier. Maybe you just got a “perfect” reed for a change (they seem to be as rare as hen’s teeth) — one of the reasons I went to synthetics full-time. It’s all a matter of finding a good match between reed and mouthpiece no matter what you use. I hope you have a couple more “perfect” reeds in that box, or this may all seem like a dream you can’t remember, much too soon.

    I agree that a high G key on a tenor makes a lot of sense, more than it does on alto. Altos generally have a reasonably accessible altissimo G, tenors sometimes don’t. The obvious fix is to make it not altissimo. 🙂 This means you are kinda out of luck when it comes to aftermarket necks, but at that price I too would find this an acceptable sacrifice.

    Let us know how it blows. I’m not in the market for a tenor (have one, barely use it) but wouldn’t mind getting some feedback on Orpheo in general.

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    I know what you mean about Bb tenors. Although I will never sell my pretty little Buescher C Melody, I seldom use it now.
    Interestingly, with regard to keyed G3 on your Orpheo, I am using my Big B tenor at the moment which is not keyed to high F#…..using LH 1 & 3, RH 1 + Eb, I get a more solid & reliable F# than on my R&C which is keyed to F#. Perhaps therefore your altissimo G fingering on the Orpheo will be better than the keyed alternative. Perhaps you will tell us when you have the opportunity to try.
    Very keeen to hear your opinion of the Orpheo when it arrives, hopefully in a couple of days.

  4. Alan says:

    Mal – just found out that it’s not the reed – it’s the  Couf J10*S  tenor mouthpiece that I got from JunkDude – one of the late Ralph Morgans stock, so maybe he worked on it ?  I thought it was just one of his ‘facing reference’ stock.
    Whatever, it produces the G3 absolutely rock-solid on the old 30’s Martin tenor – it was just to hand (on the Aquilasax C, where it’s not quite as happy), may not ever have used it on that tenor, preferred the metal Lawton, which wasn’t as good a G3, what a damning indictment – eh ? 😦    Only problem is, it now needs a slightly different fingering for A3, but that’s a minor consideration – whoopee !
    Lewis – the Orpheo tenor is still on US soil somewhere, and with the UK Customs delay (I’ll probably have to pay something) I don’t expect it much before the 26th – 25th is another Bank/Parcelforce holiday…
    The Aquilasax  C (with the alto-style neck) does – amazingly – sit alongside Bb tenor as a very beefy alto substitute !  And I’ve found that my original nickel Aqilasax alto really comes alive and kicking with a Saxscape alto acrylic mouthpiece (big wedge baffle again) that I’d been testing with a view to selling on ebay.
    So I may just have a complete set of modern-action horns…   If I add in my 80/90’s Jupiter soprano and Blessing ‘curvie Bb sop – no mean performers with an up-rated mouthpiece !  ‘Course I’ll always keep the Martin C-Mel and the Conn Panam C-Sop around  🙂

    Here are some hi-res pictures of the Orpheo pro tenor – they easily over-fill the screen, so on (e.g. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers) you will probably need to click on the image again to expand it to full size in the new window…

    (courtesy of the Noteworthy website)

  5. alan says:

    Ah – it’s just left the US – “Your item left the United States from FOREIGN CENTERJERSEY CITY NJ 099 at 10:25 AM on May 14, 2009”   Isn’t technology wonderful ?

    Here’s the  official Goodson blog spiel on the Orpheo Pro saxophone.

  6. Alan says:

    Ouch – this is the bit I’m not too keen on  –
    Parcel number: EC277072300GB Status: In progress  

    Date Time Location Tracking Event
    18-05-2009 08:59 International Hub AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGING
    18-05-2009 08:59 International Hub AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGES
    18-05-2009 08:46 International Hub Arrived in destination country
    14-05-2009 10:25 FOREIGN CENTER JERSEY CITY NJ 099 Left origin country
    12-05-2009 15:17 Delivery Agent – UNITED STATES AMERICA Collected from customer
    I’d quite like to see “Released without charge” – but I think the expression “in my dreams…” applies here.   Oh well, if I can persuade the local depot to tell me how much I owe (over the phone, rather than wait for the letter) I should be playing it before Bank Holiday weekend…  Fingers crossed !

  7. Alan says:

    Interesting chat with a very helpful man from the local Parcelforce office (when I was trying to see if they had any more info as to why the Parcel had ‘stalled’ in Customs).
    He said that since VAT dropped from 17.5% to 15%, Customs are checking more parcels, and applying VAT (tax) on anything possible to make up the revenue levels – i.e. to cover the VAT rate cut – often leads to longer delays these days…
    Money-grabbing Bar Stewards….

  8. ukebert says:

    See I am in general a supporter of the tax system, but VAT gets my goat, it really does. Seems somehow ungentlemanly… 😦

  9. alan says:

    I totally agree, what IS “Value Added” ?  ” Value bloody reduced ” by my calculations !

    That’s why I have no conscience whatsoever in trying to avoid it at every opportunity, especially when it’s saving old C’s from the scrapheap…  However I do understand that it is (in the US) a Federal Offence to falsify a Customs Form – if I was running a business I’d be twitchy too. 

     I’d hate a C-Mel seller to end up in Guantanamo…   😆 

    By the way, it’s still there, been stuck for two full days now, waiting to be assessed by HM Governments finest… 😦

  10. alan says:

    For anyone following this sorry saga, I’ve just been informed by Parcelforce “…yes. there is a general hold-up in Customs, you can expect a delay of 5-10 days – as opposed to the normal 24-48 hours – but please feel free to check again later…”

    I suppose I should be grateful for such honesty ?    🙄

  11. Ross says:

    Just 10 days ago I ordered  eight bucket mutes for the brass in my big band.
    They left the US on  Monday last week and arrived yesterday. No duty and no Goods and Services Tax – equivalent to your VAT.
    Alan, I hope your saga ends soon!

  12. alan says:

    Hiya Ross – normally it’s fine, in and out of Customs the same day – but the last lady I spoke to said it’s now   “.. up to eleven days due to the last Bank Holiday closure…” – so that’s an extra days delay within half an hour, I think they’re clutching at straws !

    When I pointed out that it was just a one-day shutdown, two weeks ago, and how could that lead to an eleven day backlog, she went all coy on me..

    I’m sure it will resolve itself “in the fullness of time”…   🙂  However, as the last lady also asked me “to confirm my name and address” (that’s a first !) I now know that IT IS my tenor !!! It’s not unknown to be given wrong tracking numbers, or the tie-up betwixt US and UK to screw up – now I know it’ll be coming to the correct address as well, so that’s a small consolation…

    UPDATE (Fri 22nd.) Well, As it’s now a three-day shutdown for Whitsun Bank Holiday, I guess I needn’t bother to check the tracking for three days, as nothing is going to move… Sigh 🙄 No change there then…

  13. alan says:

    Well, someone must be cashing in on the overtime, I daren’t think what working on a Sunday over a Bank Holiday weekend counts as ?  Double time plus !

    Anyway, who cares, sax is just flagged as – ”

    International Hub

    I’ll glady accept the charges – not that I have an option 😦 – so now delivery before the end of this week becomes a possibility, once everyone goes back to work on Tuesday and the boxes start moving out into the UK distribution system… Yippee !

    UPDATE Now I know I’m hallucinating, there are even trucks working on a Sunday ? Nah, I’ll just pinch myself… 😯

    24-05-2009 18:33 International Hub – En route to delivery depot

  14. ukebert says:

    One of the hard things about my life at the moment is that Bank Holidays no longer have any meaning whatsoever. I have been informed that there have been some, but I didn’t notice anything different. Hope the sax arrives soon.

  15. Alan says:

    I know, since I ceased 9-5’ing (well, more like 9:15-19:30+ ) I get bemused by Bank (or any other) Holidays…
    Sax is in the local Poole depot – we’ve had a couple of phone conversations (the personal touch ALWAYS speeds things up), tax/vat of eighty quid has been paid, and it’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow.  Just hope it plays out of the box, and doesn’t sound anything like Goodson  😆
    Just itching to see exactly how garish the burnished brass finish really is…   🙄

  16. alan says:

    Well, after a longer than usual journey from Texas, starting on 12th May, and including a six-day ‘stopover’ in Customs, what a relief to see –
      “27-05-2009     08:25    Bournemouth Depot    Parcel delivered
    Review to follow very shortly, and, despite a couple of small teething problems, it’s a lovely horn, for less than five hundred quid all-in – under half of what I’d pay for one from Goodson’s UK outlet.  Review to shortly follow, but now I’m repeating myself… 🙄

  17. Well Al … ???? Whats the verdict … 🙂

  18. alan says:

    You’ll have to wait a couple more days for the full review, but, (almost) the best four hundred and eighty-five quid I’ve ever spent…  I’ve spent a LOT  more for instruments that haven’t come close.

    The designer may have a tendency to bullshit – but the horn doesn’t… 😆

  19. Lewis Pelham says:

    One week ago you said that we would have to wait a “couple of  days” for an appraisal of the Orpheo tenor.
    I can only assume that you have been so entranced with the horn that you have forgotten about all your little chums out here who are agog to read your review.  😀

  20. Yeah Alan …. ???? Whats the verdict you Saxy beast ….???? Ha ha 😉

  21. alan says:

    Sorry guys – last couple of weeks I’ve been running (on a scale of one to ten) ’round about three 😕 Loads of things that I’ve promised are still struggling to catch up.   Just re-opened the case after what must be almost a week, and I’ll have a few toots today and tomorrow.  Glad I went for that finish, looks almost like ‘matt body, bright action’ on first sight, and those metal touches are just grrrreat..

    I have most of the draft done, just needs a few pictures included – I’d been hoping to road-test a range of mouthpieces as well, but that’d take us into at least 2010 (scary isn’t it, I remember the Millenium as tho’ it was yesterday…)

    So, for ‘days‘ read ‘weeks‘ and we’ll be on comparable time scales.  Hey, I can check out the bargain minty tenor Couf J10*R that arrived from Austria this morning – yet another to add to the family, I can’t rate the ‘wedgy Coufs’ too highly !

  22. Lewis Pelham says:

    10* Couf!!  You hooligan….at a time when I am relearning the delights of a girlie 5* Link.  👿
    Is that a “real” 10*…as in 0.130″ or a numerical system peculiar to Couf?   ie. What is the tip opening please?

  23. Lewis Pelham says:

    Just looked it up on the Interweb, & Couf did indeed have his own sizing system.
    Tenor, for instance; his 8* measured 0.090″ at the tip, so a Couf 10* would be in the order of 0.105″ tip.
    I do not feel such a girlie now.  😳

  24. alan says:

    Lewis – I suspect that the Couf 10* is quite a gentle opening – the  Lewington tenor chart – my bible – shows each number going up by a few thou only, e.g.  7*=81 thou, 8*=83, 9*=85 (which funnily enough seems to be the same as a tenor Link 5*…)

    There’s no mention of a 10*, but it feels no more than 90 thou.  However they all have longish lays, so they don’t close up easily – and blow so freely !  If I tried a 5* Link it’d probably clam up on me in an instant of adrenolin, about a Link tenor 6*/7 was my lowest limit.   Explains why I can switch between different numbered Coufs with very little noticeable effect tho’.

    So pease retract / rescind the “hooligan” label…   However I still have a huddle of Lawtons (8/8*, 110/115) in reserve, just waiting for overbearing guitarists…

    For tenor and C-mel they really are the ‘bees knees’, big baffle for edge, easy blowing, wide but clear sound – and LOUD when they need to be, but otherwise kittens.  (With RR #3 is a perfect mix, RR #2.5 is just a little too soft for harmonics, but great for subtones.)  But hush, don’t want the prices going up, I want to pick up a few non-J’s without baffles, just to try the sound difference. Wonder if they do a J15*R ?  I’d be getting close to 100 thou 😆

  25. Lewis Pelham says:

    Hooligan label duly retracted/rescinded.    😀

  26. Hey ….. ?

    Where’s the Verdict on the Orpheo Alan …????? 😦

  27. Just got mine today Alan … Very, Very pleased, its a delightful sax … and very well made, first thing i noticed was the weight of it .. Oh my god .. so heavy .. ?
    Love the high G and the speaker key .. although my Cannonball “Madmeg” is still miles louder … Not at all bad for £472 all in including £82.55 customs .. Well worth the purchase if anybody else is out there …? But be prepared for a long wait and loads of emails to remind Texas that your still waiting .. ! 😈

  28. alan says:

    That’s great Dean’o – I’m still happily playing mine (despite my mid-late life crisis / extended senior moment…) – even still considereing a matching alto (also with high G of course…).

    I notice that when I mentioned the price I’d paid for it on Steve Goodsion’s forum, he retorted that it was less than the cost of manufacture !  I can almost believe that, what with the two necks.

    Review still coming, but then so is Christmas…  😆

  29. Ha Ha …. Alan my order went in for the Alto last Wednesday … The way I figure it, it can only be worth more than I’ve paid for it so even if not eventually used by me, with its pedigree it will sell on quite nicely and for hopefully more than just the arse end of £300 once customs have dealt the blow … !

  30. alan says:

    Deano – if there are any more left, I might just follow very shortly…

    Seems a shame not to take up the offer – although I do prefer older Martin alto’s.  Even the ‘burnished’ finish is growing on me !  😆

  31. Yes Alan,

    Hard to believe that the production cost of the tenor was around $500 … I’m finding that a little hard to believe … I see new sax’s on US ebay all the time and at around $300 /400 if they can be made for this sort of money and cheaper, and containing very little material costs, how come the Goodson horns cost so much to produce …? There must be a certain amount of royalties to someone somewhere unless Steve did the pre production for a set fee ….? I just find it hard to believe that it costs more to produce than they are selling for … doesn’t really make sence if that is the case … Even if it is a situation of “getting rid” so to speak of old stock … ??? 🙄

  32. alan says:

    Deano – yes, I’m taking a few comments with slightly more than a ‘pinch’ of salt.  As an optional alternative to the Orpheo alto – I put in very low bid on an LA Sax ‘Earthtone’, but Noteworthy came back with just $100 off.  Nah…

    I can’t make out some of their prices, they have black/gold La Sax alto’s (LA-750B) at $895, and then again at $499 – but that’s a USA 750B 😉

    Looking at their feedback, some character bought three of those for $289, $350 and $280….

    The Swirl and the especially the Camouflage ones at $395 (or lower offer 😆  )  seem like a really good deal, but can’t quite make out the meaning of the listing statement  ” The LA USA brand of LA SAX brand …. “

    What with Noteworthy’s waffle, and SG’s bravado, they must have made a wonderful team  🙄    Still not heard back about my Orpheo alto for $450 from Gloria, maybe I’ll try prodding Jim.

  33. Lewis Pelham says:

    I am finding it increasingly difficult to avoid buying one of these tenors…they have all the bits that appeal to me….however, do I really need four tenors when I can play only one at a time? As ever, my favourite tenor is always the one that I am playing at the moment….currently my Big B.
    I do wish that Alan would publish his review & tell me that it is rubbish… only then would the temptation to buy one dissolve.   
    GAS for mouthpieces is an issue, but nothing like as expensive as “Horn GAS”  🙄

  34. Lewis .. all I can say is if you want one then you better get one soon … once they have cleared out their stock … its all gone …. I wasn’t gonna get anything after the Aquila C Mel … but my arm was twisted by simply the outrageous price … quality is A1 ++++ and the price, even after duty really is unbelievable, the main reason why I’m getting the alto is for $450 + shipping + duty it really cant be missed at these crazy prices, it really wouldn’t surprise me if this is an exercise to get rid of stock before they go bust ….. I have seen these tactics before, it really wouldn’t surprise me at all, so take advantage of these excellent prices, where else you gonna get this quality named product for this money? ……. 😉
    Alan …. it seems at the end of the day all the L.A. sax’s were made in Taiwan … at various houses it appears … Some were good quality sax’s .. others were not … It seems that not even the Taiwanese can tell the difference between their own horns …. very incestuous industry as far as I can see ….. But the quality really has to be seen to be believed …. found some sharp edges on the goodson horn so they are obviously still made for a certain price …. !

  35. alan says:

    Lewis – I suspect that the Orpheo tenor would be outplayed by both your Buescher and R&C tenors, and out-charactered by your old gnarled one…  😆   The review is proving a tad tedious, I may just go with what I’ve done so far and add on as I go along – just put in a few hours on the Orpheo today, it’s lovely, and I’m getting used to it’s own little quirks but somehow I suspect my tenor playing is a little off-focus. I get motor-boating on low B and Bb, plus low C# – but low C itself is rock solid… Wierd ! Guess I need to check it (again) for a little leak.

    Deano – no-one at Noteworthy (Jim or Gloria)  is responding to my “send me a Paypal invoice for the money for the alto…” so I think a short transatlantic phone call may be in order later tonight.  Jim had originally agreed to $450 plus USPS shipping to the UK – maybe he’s wondering just how many Brits are getting Orpheo’s on the cheap ?

    I’ve also made an alternative offer on the LA Sax “Earthtone” alto – but they only want to drop it $100 from the ebay $995 listed price – no chance !  Don’t know if I could handle the overgrown “flower power” engraving in the bell, anyway  🙄 Noteworthy were great about the Orpheo tenor, so I’d love to give them some more cash – but if (for whatever reason) they don’t come back to me on the Orpheo alto, I’m sure there’ll be other great deals afore this bloody recession ends 😦

    POSTSCRIPT @ 22:07 – Well, seems the way to do it is to send a simultaneous email to all SIX email addresses that I have for Noteworthy/Orpheus/Solyricon/MusicFactoryDirect, titled – “I’m ready to buy an alto…” – I forgot about the accounts email address, but I did also send a simultaneous message through ebay – and I had the Paypal money request through in less than an hour 🙂 🙂 🙂 ‘Nuff said, thanks Noteworthy… OK, there’ll be shipping and Customs charges on top of this $450, but a (imho) pro-quality alto AND tenor for way under the grand total of 1000 quid, all included ? Can’t be bad… Quite sad there’s not a burnished brass Orpheo curved soprano – but I guess you can’t have everything, maybe they have a bari ? They certainly sell bass saxes 🙄

    POSTSCRIPT @ 11:30 22 July – Well, that’s the 201BB alto ordered and paid for – we’re now up to a total of EIGHT different contact email addresses that I have for Noteworthy/Orpheus/Solyricon/MusicFactoryDirect….

    If anyone need to have a look at what they nave in the way of Orpheo saxes, click here for two pages of products beginning in “Orpheo” – but be aware that Dean and I have bought the “Orpheo Professional” 301BB/201BB models to high G, not the standard “Orpheo” ones to F# (there are other differences…) More pictures are available in Noteworthy’s ebay listings of the products, where prices can also vary.

    And also be aware that I’ve negotiated (well, just offered) the $699 down to $500 for the 301BB tenor, and the $599 down to $450 for the 201BB alto, so you could be lucky as well. Free shipping to US locations, just under $100 to UK, plus nominally 20% extra on everything for VAT/tax – grrr. Anyone wanting to contact Jim Gavigan direct, he currently seems to be on this email address – Jim_g@musicfactorydirect.com – and is happy to just send a Paypal money request direct, bypassing ebay (good bargaining point, no ebay fees, lower price – and mention that we’re hardly likely to return the sax from the UK for a refund…) Good Luck, but be quick !

    But the pricing is really wierd – there’s now the same 201BB alto ($599 on the Music Factory Direct website link, above) on ebay at $745 or offer – it’s like they inflate the price to allow buyers to get away with low offers ! Or is that just to sell them, after offers, at what they’d get from the website – shrewd move – I doubt they’d accept a $450 offer on a product listed at $725… Or would they ? And I’d always thought that this was a clearance of old “Steve Goodson” stock from his former association with Orpheus, but on the website they’ve announced – “We just finished 4 of these beautiful Silver Plated ORPHEO Altos” (matt silver even !) – so are they still in production ? To the same original standard, in the same factory, and with Steve Goodson’s name on them ? Brain hurts – signing off now,

    Confused of Weymouth…

  36. Yeah … All good here Alan … My Alto is on the way and have a tracking number from Gloria …. I only have 3 Email addresses for them,

    Jim , Jim_G@Orpheusmusic.com
    Gloria , gloria_c@musicfactorydirect.com
    Solicron, accounting@solyricon.com

    … but yes it is best to CC the others as well …. it’s taken over a week (10 Days) for Noteworthy to recognise that payment is there and sort out the sax for despatch … Sure is real slow .. but worth the wait and hassle of mailing them …
    Will let you know when Mines here …. 😉

  37. Alan …. All I did was pay Jim on the Paypal money request that he sent back in May when he sent the payment request for the tenor …. Because of the exchange rate now, I think I’ve saved £30 …. in that alone … My payment request that he sent in May was still valid … All I did was let Jim know the Paypal # transaction number and he was cool with that as it all goes in the Solicron,

    accounting@solyricon.com account …….:P

  38. alan says:

    Deano – I can understand old Paypal money requests being still valid, it’s just a request for payment – but I suspect Paypal would use the current exchange rate on the day of the actual transaction – you might like to check the Paypal Transaction Details.  Be amazing if they went back a few months, and honoured the exchange rate at the time of the original request…

    It has changed a bit (for the better) tho’ – from $1.48/£1 back in May, when I bought the tenor, to $1.61/£1 when I paid for the alto last week.

    Yes, the alto is paid for, and when I last talked to Gloria she was hoping to ship on Friday 24th. after the alto had been checked over – and the packing should be a little more resilient this time as the old warehouse manager is back (I’m told).  I’ve even got a tracking number, and really don’t mind if it doesn’t ship until early this week, don’t ever like things rushed out on a Friday…

    If you ever want a myriad of email addresses,just take the names ( jim_g, jerry_a and gloria_c) and place them in front of –
    – and they all seem to get to them…

    And as Orpheo & Noteworthy products also seem to be sold on Amazon by J B Music Factory – I suspect the same names added to @jbmusicfactory.com will get to them all as well !  Just how many more outlets are there for the same people / products ? But I have to say, in all honesty, when you can get their attention (not always easy, but there’s always the phone) they are really lovely people to deal with.

    Anyway, I’ve ‘done my sums’ and even allowing for Customs, the pair of saxes will hopefully have ended up costing me the grand total of around £880.  Not bad for a decent alto and tenor – in fact I’d call that a real result, for two pro-quality horns ! 😆 Maybe I’ll even treat myself to a ‘Signature’ curvy soprano for Christmas, and possibly a bari next year… Or I could become the first bass sax player in Weymouth 🙂

  39. Yes.. thanks Alan ….. Bit late I know …. But thanks all the same … 😉

  40. Mal-2 says:

    If you are still looking for a current production tenor piece that screams but has good balance, and is reasonably priced, I would recommend looking at the Saxscape Downtown or Downtown Studio (the latter having a shorter baffle and bullet chamber). The Uptown models are more like Berg /2 chambers, if that’s what you’re looking for.
    Like Coufs, these are available in both normal and Slim varieties. The Slim pieces are roughly the size of a Link STM, which will assist in a ligature hunt. I use an Olegature #3 or #4 — #4 is the right size for Link STMs including NY, while #3 is for Dukoffs but will also fit the Saxscape and regular Link but not NY Links.
    You cannot currently obtain them new via the Saxscape site, but some distributors still have them and they do come up for sale used. They’re made of Delrin, so they hold up to normal use pretty nicely even though they are plastic.
    You should be able to find a used one under $200, possibly closer to $100.

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