A sign of the times ?

I thought I was pretty much ‘hurting’ financially at the moment, negligible Building Society interest, and anything based on ‘Investments’ is really down – which includes the essential drawdown pension fund – but an ever increasing number of emails I continue to receive seems to indicate a global need to raise some “readies” by selling instruments, once they’ve been identified and provisonally valued…


So I do apologise to anyone waiting for a reply, as I really don’t do quick ‘one-liners’, so my reply rate is currently running at a lower speed than the incoming rate !  So much so that I even considered putting a new section on the relatively neglected forum – something like “What is it, how much is it worth, and does anyone want to buy it…”


In fact, I’m thinking about posting all the “What mouthpiece do I use, how can I make it play better, should I buy…?” questions as open topics on the forum, so that everyone can chip in with their tuppence worth.  I would honestly advise that any future questions are posted there – they will certainly attract not only my attention, and save them getting embarrassingly lost/swamped in my in-box.


Maybe a good name would be  HelpDeskQuestions and (hopefully) Answers  – Yes – I’ll set it up later today !  As well as injecting new life into the forum – it’ll probably get a much faster response, and a wider spectrum of information from the experts.  I should also add that, quite sensibly, it will allow my own responses to one individual (other than purely personal stuff) to be viewed by all – and will hopefully answer other peoples similar questions rather than be hidden away in an email ! It’s all about sharing information – not re-inventing the wheel…

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4 Responses to A sign of the times ?

  1. Yes … very well thought out Alan …. Good idea … 🙂

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    Here is my first question to Uncle Alan.
    The day before yesterday I had an operation to repair a hernia.
    It is uncomfortable at the moment to blow a saxophone. As I usually use No. 3 reeds do you suggest that I drop to 2.5s for a week or so?    😀

  3. alan says:

    Uncle Alan says – “Ouch…”  😯

    As blowing a sax uses all sorts of muscles in the diaphragm area – if you do it correctly – it may well be advisable to just do a little gentle soprano tootling for a while… You won’t want to be throwing that heavy old Big B around too much, either.  And I guess you’ll be avoiding driving as well ?

    Get well soon young man !


  4. Alan says:

    I’ve just put three ex-mail posts in  the forum Aquilasax section if anyone wants to comment ?

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