Don’t forget about the forum…

Click here to go to the C forum... Just a reminder that I’ve started posting more stuff to the C forum – more than just about C’s…  There’ll be much more in the near future.  And, if you’re registered, as well as commenting, please feel free to start your own posts !  If you’d like a new section set up, just ask… If you have any problems/questions, also ask


And, in case you hadn’t already worked it out, by default you’ll arrive at the Board index   – a little further down the page there are these three very useful links, so you don’t have to scan all the forums for the latest dates –


View unanswered postsView new postsView active topics


( if not logged in, you get two links –  View unanswered postsView active topics  )


To make life easier for myself, and provide lots more content, I may well end up quickly posting the more ‘discussable’ topics on the C forum , and leave this front page for more meaty issues…    So, don’t forget about the C forum – it’s just a click away !  I’m also currently looking to see if there’s any way that I can allow “guest” (i.e. not logged in) comments, without letting all the spammers in


UPDATE – OK – ‘guest posting – comments only – is now allowed, you just need to enter a name and the displayed anti-spam code – no login required.  Also handy for quick comments by registered users if you don’t mind not having your avatar and/or signature.  Subject to lack of spam, this may well be allowed for the foreseeable future.

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4 Responses to Don’t forget about the forum…

  1. alan says:

    Well – open access lasted all of one night ! I’ve had to cut it back so that unregistered guests can view and comment – but not create new topics – thanks a bunch, spammers ! Let’s hope that’s a good compromise…

  2. Mal-2 says:

    I presume you are screening/moderating posts, so I am curious why a spammer’s post (Allesmalles) shows up, but mine from over a week ago do not. Maybe you aren’t approving anything, and Allesmalles actually signed up just to spam you?

  3. alan says:

    Mal – first apologies, your post is now showing, and I’ve commented it to bounce it to the top.

    Secondly –   Wanted – administrators, moderators, and anyone else – take the forum away and do with it what you will !

    Since I opened up the forum (and here) to anyone, it’s fast becoming apparent that any time I don’t check it daily – which I don’t always do… – there are either spam or genuine comments waiting for moderation. I’ve seriously considered just preserving the actual ‘C’ pages as a reference resource, moth-balling the rest, and running away 😆 Not enough hours in the day to allow me to do all this, earn a crust, play the horns, renovate the rest, do a bit of gradening and DIY, enjoy a pipe and a glass (or three) of cider, and explore the Dorset coast and countryside with Ace and friends to uplift my soul… Anything I’ve missed out ? Yes, loads 🙄

    So – Wanted – administrators, moderators, and anyone else – take the forum away and do with it what you will !

  4. alan says:

    I have returned, and I just renewed the domains (web site addresses) for another three years, so I’m afraid you’re all stuck with me for the forseeable future   😀

    New topics/posts before the end of the week.

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