Where have all the necks gone ?

 Is this the largest collection of 1920/1930’s C Melody sax necks ever photographed ?

So anyway, one night, probably after a relaxing glass of scrumpy – oh those carefree pre-diet days – I had this great idea to collect all the necks from the nineteen odd C Melody saxophones that sit there patiently waiting to be brought back to life (nineteen or so, obviously not counting the modern Aquilasax with its two necks…).  The first part of checking them out is to try and play the blinkin’ things, and without a corked neck it’s a hindrance (some/most have remnants of 1920’s cork still clinging on for dear life) so the thought of a mass neck-corking session seemed more productive than the normal masking/insulation/gaffer/ptfe tape – or folded over till receipt – temporary solution which can last for weeks/months/years if done well.

“No problem”, I thought, I can easily tell the ‘big four’ necks apart by look and tenon size – not to mention the variety of finishes and different stages of matching neck/body tarnish, and the fact that King and Martin obligingly put the body serial numbers on the necks as well.  No need to label anything………………..

But, as with a lot of my projects lately, the “mass neck-corking session” never really happened, so now I’ve started updating my much-neglected website I needed to pair them all up again for pictures.  Upon checking the box containing all the necks, not only do I find that I’m a couple of necks down in total (as opposed to ‘pulled-down’,  heehee) – I now find I’ve too many Martin ‘stencil’ necks, and not enough Buescher ‘stencil’ necks. Hmmm…

Now that is mysterious, I know that over the last decade I’ve bought one Conn C-Mel with just the neck tenon stuck in (no neck, but I figured that having the correct sized tenon was a bonus for a bargain horn – I’ll probably get a new neck from Aquilasax ‘Steve’ for that one) and the following ‘bargain buys’ also spring to mind –

  a) an alto with a C-Mel neck
  b) a C-Mel with an alto neck AND a tenor neck,
  c) a C-Mel with an alto neck AND a C-Mel neck,  plus
  d) a mystery sax that turned out to be a tenor, that was listed on ebay as an alto, but I thought may just have been a C-Mel – the very helpful (?) seller just couldn’t measure for toffee…

So I guess I’ll have to eliminate the obvious pairs until I reach a confusing conclusion – of course I could probably sell the spare necks on ebay for almost the same as a whole ‘project’ horn, certainly probably more than a neck-less body.  Just thought I’d share that experience with you, whilst still pondering whether it’s all the work of the mischievous “neck gnome” ?  Time to leave the web-cam running overnight, methinks, catch the little blighter up to his tricks !

(Update) Just found another C neck (phew!) – I’d taken the nickel plated Conn neck out to be photographed against modern nickel plate, for a SoTW topic, so I’ll give the neck gnome a little slack on that one…

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One Response to Where have all the necks gone ?

  1. saxismyaxe says:

    Quick, where is the drooling enviously smiley? I think all of us would like to pickup a few of these elusive parted out necks.:wink:

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