On Facebook and Twitter too…

   You’ve possibly noticed (I hope) a relatively new section in the right column * csax_net tweets… * which feeds back any of my Twitter ‘tweets’ to the blog – it can get pretty confusing, as I ‘tweet’ all the topics from the blog, but then they come back again as if by magic – although you will also notice stuff there that is purely from Twitter, plus any comments from (e.g.) TheSaxDoctor a.k.a. Stephen Howard…   So if you’re on Twitter, look me up, I’m csax_net – I had to use ‘underscore’ in the name, they don’t do dots…

Whilst Twitter is a recent toy, I’ve been on Facebook for yonks – yes, it’s currently the same picture on both – it’s a good way to ‘spread the word’, and (certainly on Facebook) keeps me in touch with globally extended family and friends by both word and pictures.  There’s nowhere in cyberspace to hide these days…

Anywhere else ?  Well, apart from Friends Re-united and Genes Re-United, I’ve an even older presence on Windows Live / Messenger and probably loads more I’ve momentarily forgotten that are out there, sadly neglected, fading in the mists of time as life – and fads – move relentlessly on.


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