Slimmer, and slightly wrinkled…

Well, after a hard winter, and a ‘dieting’ spring, here’s the new (almost) three stone lighter me…  Glasses don’t even sit straight any more, sigh – and you can see why I usually wear a cap

I owe it all to Slimming World (free vouchers courtesy of the doctor, and the outgoing Labour government’s ‘nanny state’) and an iron will to lose the weight.  Still managed to let a moderate amount of red wine thro’ though !

Now all I have to do is keep it off – somehow I think that’s going to be even harder than losing it. Oh well, I guess it gives me something else to keep those grey cells occupied !

Hopefully you’ll soon be reading this on a new-style blog, the old template seems not to be playing ball with the perpetual upgrades, so a new, blue’ish blog is just around the corner…

Kepp smiling, and keep C’ing.

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2 Responses to Slimmer, and slightly wrinkled…

  1. Gandalfe says:

    You’ll get used to not eating anymore. It’ll give you more time to shed and write.  :mrgreen:

  2. alan says:

    Jim – as you’re the first to reply, have a quick preview of how the new blog ‘skin’ will look…

    All suggestions graciously received !   🙄

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