Welcome to the blogs’ new theme…

 Oh no, here we go again”, I hear you say…  Unfortunately time, and software, moves on relentlessly.  The old blog themes either required too much maintenance, became relatively inflexible, or had potential security (spam, hacking) loopholes.  So I’ve gone for a new look theme which should last through at least the next round of WordPress upgrades, with enough flexibility to be changed without learning (yet more) new programming skills – and pulling out what little is left of my hair in the process.

I just want to spend my spare time playing – and fixing – horns, and enjoying the delights of Dorset, seems reasonable to me ?  I’ve looked hard and long, checked out more than a few, and this new theme is functionally (at least on the surface…) quite similar to it’s predecessor.  All the original content is still there, website pages and forum are accessible in much the same way, accounts are the same, and the only really obvious change is that the ‘Comments’ button is now in the top right corner of each topic/post.  I’ll resist the urge to dive into the code and move it to where it used to be, and just say “enjoy !”

I’ve grafted the retro-style link picture links from the old pages onto top and bottom of each page, so you should be able to find everything.  Those only interested in the C-Saxophone aspects of the blog should click on the ‘C Saxophones’ link in the bar above the latest topic – clicking on the ‘Home’ link restores all topics. 

Guess it’s time to walk the dog, and enjoy another wee glass of red…  Or two…

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5 Responses to Welcome to the blogs’ new theme…

  1. alan says:

    😆  Well I like it – testing, testing, testing…

  2. Barry Brown says:

    I like it Al

  3. alan says:

    Thanks Barry, pop back occasionally – it’s not just about 100 year old saxophones in C  😆
    That’s what I love about the internet – the Atlantic doesn’t exist in cyberspace…

  4. Gandalfe says:

    I changed my format once in over 10 years. It didn’t bring more readers, but then my blog is more of a reference of cool things I want to remember. Kudos on a job well done and cheers.

  5. alan says:

    Jim – I’ve jumped thro’ hoops trying to make this more interesting and informative in the past, but I think in future it’ll either be about whatever interests me, or what comes up in mutual conversations here and elsewhere.
    There just isn’t enough in the ‘C’ world to keep a blog going, and visitors other than ‘C’ friends can be put of by a ‘niche’ blog.  So it’ll be more about diverse things that ‘rattle my cage’ in future – I think you guys might just enjoy the humour (humor…) anyway – and obviously anything C’ish I can find will end up here, as usual.
    I intend to enjoy it, sincerely hope everyone else will.   😉

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