Resurrected my old Roland Jazz Chorus 50 …

Resurrected my vintage Roland Jazz Chorus 50 amp, from the depths of the garage. Built in reverb, chorus etc. – the old rivets/studs look amazing !

Just the thing for giving the old C Melody a bit more presence !!

The ‘chorus’ effect can be switched to vibrato, sounds like Hank Marvin on a bad day, or a Farfisa organ – remember those ?

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6 Responses to Resurrected my old Roland Jazz Chorus 50 …

  1. Fabio Isella says:

    intrested in buying

  2. Fabio Isella says:

    I m italian. I live in Paris. If you could write me back on my e-mail address please. It’s long time I m looking for a jc-50. Really.
    Thank you in advance
    Fabio Isella

  3. max says:

    is this amp still for sale, and how much are you asking?

  4. Keith says:

    Hi did the JC 50 sell thanks Keith 0779 2088 138

  5. alan says:

    Yes, I could be open to offers for the amp – I’m in no hurry to sell, but it’s not being used at the moment.
    The sticking point could be shipping costs – it’s quite (quite) heavy.  But I’m sure we could arrange something.   You can contact me by email, al ‘at’ ( replace ‘at’ with @ …. )

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