The Russian connection – Conn C-Melody

I’ve heard of a few C-Melody saxophones alive and well in Eastern Europe – whatever it’s called these ‘post Iron-Curtain’ days -  but this is probably the first on YouTube from Russia ?

Allowing for the relatively low quality of the recording, plus YouTube compression, this is a Conn C Melody sax being played hard (and very well !) by Andrew Krasilnikov – probably at Jazz Town Club, Moscow USSR…  ( is it called the USSR anymore, or is it now just Russia, as most of the ‘Union’ of satellite States now have independence ?)


Lovely to see a C-Mel being used, no compromises, just another sax !


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5 Responses to The Russian connection – Conn C-Melody

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    Excellent Alan.
    I do so agree with you about the C tenor being “just another saxophone”.
    There are others out there such as the Bass or nino which are far more “different”. The C tenor, after all, comes well within the more accepted range of saxophone  sizes of alto & Bb tenor & is instantly recognised as such.
    On SOTW currently there is an esoteric discussion on the Beuscher board concerning the minutiae & excellence of the Big B tenor. I happen to have a gorgeous example of the Big B in top class condition….yet I far prefer playing, and the sound of, my TT & L&H (particularly) C tenors. I would, in the eyes of some, be considered a pariah for stating this….but I do not care….AND I smoke.  😀

  2. Nigel Hodge says:

    Does anyone have Alan’s contact details?  I’ve been trying to e-mail him for about a month now but haven’t had a reply.  I need to talk C-Saxophone stuff with him.


  3. al says:

    Nigel – apologies, I’ve sent you an email.
    Regards, Alan.

  4. saxismyaxe says:

    Nice video link Alan.

  5. Gandalfe says:

    It’s called the Russian Federation (Russian: ?????????? ?????????, tr. Rossiyskaya Federatsiya  :mrgreen:

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