Lakeland Terrier just loves Soprano’s… ** now TWO videos **

As soon as I’d unpacked my lovely little Mirage Bb ‘curvie, and slipped on the closest available mouthpiece ( a very old Arbiter metal ‘5’, cost almost 70 quid in it’s day…) for it’s trial run, I just knew that George the Lakie (aka Gitley) was itching to get in on the act…

Click on the ‘play’ button in the middle of the video below, to hear Terrier vocals with sax backing !

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I’ll be reviewing the little Mirage soprano in depth, in a later post, once I’ve settled on a nice mouthpiece/reed combo – and given the Soprano a chance to stretch it’s little legs – favourite now seems to be my Mojobari modified vintage ebonite Meyer, plus a Rico Plasticover 2.5 reed for a little added bite . It really is a little cutie, but is a REAL instrument ! And that bronze (lacquer ?) bell just adds to it’s character. Wish they did a ‘curvie’ soprano in C.

Also coming soon will be a short feature movie entitled ‘ Gitley – The Howling ‘, of which the above is just a taster. I’ve more video clips where that came from… Not bad for a Nokia phone on default settings, eh ? Thanks CJ.

*** Addendum – by popular request, here’s ” Gitley Sings the Blues – Part Deux “…

[flowplayer src=’′ width=352 height=640 controlbar=show autoplay=false splash=’’%5D

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16 Responses to Lakeland Terrier just loves Soprano’s… ** now TWO videos **

  1. ukebert says:

    I love this  😀 Lovely sound, and the soprano isn’t bad either 😉

  2. alan says:

    Hello Owen.  That was recorded on a Nokia phone, the microphone hole is just a tad bigger than a pin-prick – crazy isn’t it ?  My own dog, Ace, collie cross, was totally underwhelmed by the whole thing.  😆
    I just love that little curvie, one of my better ebay acquisitions.   😀

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    Simply gorgeous….absolutely gorgeous. What a super, & appreciative little dog.
    Hello Owen…Good to know that you are up & about and still a follower of things C

  4. Lewis Pelham says:

    My wife has just seen this & says that it simply MUST be shewn on YouTube….I so agree.

  5. CJ says:

    Hold your horses there Lewis, there is a much better one to come!
    p.s. loving your sax you personalised, breathtaking, what talent!

  6. alan says:

    Yes indeedy (what a wonderful Americanism…) – more to come, just as soon as I can get Messrs. Cameron and Clegg to arrange for each day to be comprised of 36 hours instead of the old-hat 24 hours !
    Beat the recession – work longer !!!   😆
    btw, I have been informed by my trusty sound engineer that the sound on the video was recorded THROUGH the faux-leather case, as there is no corresponding hole in the case for the phone’s microphone…  Luckily the lens wasn’t also covered  😳
    I did try and put the video up on YouTube, but two attempts at uploading both barfed. I may try later, much much later…

  7. Steve says:

    Great fun!
    Maybe you could get him to howl in key and call it Doggy blues!

  8. al says:

    Hi Steve – I tried calling out the chord changes, but the little blighter just wagged his tail, and gave me the “So where’s the biscuits ?” look…  😕
    I’ve managed to get him howling to alto as well, up around D3, on soprano seems to be nearer to B3 is the trigger point for the ‘pack howl’.

  9. alan says:

    Just added the second video – Gitley Sings the Blues, part Deux – to the end of the main post.
    You may just notice my own Collie slinking past at about 18 seconds in, she’s heard it all before…   🙄
    In case you think there’s a time delay on the video, takes a few seconds to “buffer up” first time thro’ – once it’s in your PC’s cache it’ll play quicker second time.  Those of you on Facebook or Twitter can also access the video’s thro’ there.  George / Gitley will be signing photo’s for a small fee (well, you’ll get a paw-print, and maybe some slobber if you’re really lucky  😆

  10. Lewis Pelham says:

    Excellent…his timing has improved, as has his pitch….the fourth bar was really super.
    He also knows when to stop…a feature not endemic to all sax players.  😀

  11. alan says:

    Not a twitch when I blasted him with the C-Mel tho’…   😕

  12. Lewis Pelham says:

    Until you posted the clip of you playing C tenor, I had assumed that the delightful little terrier was exhibiting very good taste in complaining about your baseball cap.  😀

  13. alan says:

    Now then Lewis – you know I have to wear a cap because of the large ‘albino’ pigment-free patch on the top of my hairless head, which can severely burn even with winter sun – thanks to Vitiligo, mercifully the only thing I have in common with Michael Jackson…  So they become a permanent fixture, as the old noddle gets cold when I take them off.
    That’s a lot more explaining than I’ve done in a while….
    I did look into getting a couple of more stylish Phil Woods’ish caps, but, along with all the trendy psuedo-nautical ones, but they are so bloody expensive as they’ve been adopted as ‘de riguer’ by the floating ‘gin-palace’ set !  However, if anyone finds anything similar locally, they would be gratefully and graciously received by me   😆  Address available on request, (reasonable) expenditure will naturally be refunded.

  14. Lewis Pelham says:

    A battered topper, in the style of Bill Sykes could look rather fetching on you Young Sir.
    However, if you do insist on that new fangled American “Rounders” cap, at least have the good grace to wear it the wrong way around….like a Hoodie who cannot read the instructions.  🙂

  15. Ross says:

    Great to be able to fully access the site again, Alan.
    We had a Dachshund who regularly joined in around G3 and seemed to thoroughly
    enjoy the sing-along. Bitches seem more inclined than dogs!
    The current male Labrador is unfazed by my playing but was very interested in
    the sounds of Gitley coming through the speakers.

  16. Hi Alan …..

    I have a jack russel here and he does exactly the same with my Soprano … must be a Soprano thing .. ?:D

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