The latest addition – a bare-brass King C

Welcome to AddThis for Chrome!.

Just a test to see if I can post directly from the Google Chrome browser. I often come across interesting content for the blog when surfing, but the quite tedious path of manipulating it into a post – via a suitable editor, like Windows LiveWriter, or Firefox ScribeFire – means that it gets added to a never ending ‘to-do’ list.

If I can ‘do it now’ with a simple ‘click’, it’s a useful double-whammy ! I’ll leave you with a picture of my latest toy, a King bare-brass C-Melody sax, arrived a few days ago – and what a beast, it’ll give my Martin C a run for it’s money – but they are two slightly different animals, I’d hate to have to chose between them !! It’s called ‘BB King’ (naturally, thanks for the suggestion Lewis) and plays far better than it looks, this vendors picture doesn’t do it justice – but then, it’s grabbed direct from the ebay page as a test of the ‘instant post mechanism’, Aaaahhhh…

And it works ! Prepare for many more (regular) posts, if the’re all this easy !

PS - I know, how many saxophones can a person play, but you don’t often see King C’s in bare-brass, it’s a beaut ! (maybe this will spur me on to sort out a few of my own projects, including Big Ugly, a King stencil, coincidentally also in bare-brass – )

Do I detect a ‘King’ theme emerging ?

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4 Responses to The latest addition – a bare-brass King C

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    I have owned two but I simply could not get used to the position of the low C# key.
    They are truly lovely horns, and, as I have said many times before, the engineering is exquisite.
    You will have noticed the two guides for the octave rocker but have you taken a good look at the G# mechanism with it’s over-ride spring? Or the runners for the free end of the leaf springs….I could go on…they are beautifully & innovatively made….gorgeous horn.
    In my experience not as ballsy (tenoresque) as the Martin….more Buescher territory.

  2. Cristiano says:

    Nice horn.
    I haven’t tried the King C melody yet, but I just got myself a King C-Sop and I am having loads of fun with it.
    Maybe I should keep an eye out for a C-mel. I can feel the GAS rising it’s head again…

    I thought that Bb-King would be a tenor…

  3. alan says:

    Cristiano – BB = ‘bare brass’.   It is a lovely horn, in fact I like it so much I’ve just bought another (later) bare brass King C  😆 – bit of a steal really, got over 40% off the buy-it-now price !

    It’s like waiting for a bus, none on ebay for a long time, then two come along at once…  Think I might start a ‘bare-brass collection, have a bare Buescher (stencil), Conn, plus King & King stencil.

    Hate to be controversial Lewis, but the bare-brass King plays way better than any of the silver ones I’ve tried !   Interestingly the ‘best’ mouthpiece on my Martin C (the Couf tenor ebonite), is also best on the King, harmonics and all !

  4. Lewis Pelham says:

    Nothing controversial there Alan…we have seen before that what works for one does not necessarily work for the next chap.
    So….you have bought another King…what, I wonder , has happened to your “clear out” strategy. 😯
    I really must try one of those Coufs. At the moment, the best piece on my Martin is the Metalite 11…shame really that they did not produce a 13.
    How do you find the low C# on the King (s)

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