Welcome to the csax.net annexe !

This ‘WordPress hosted’ site is being developed as a ‘free’ backup to the main website & blog at csax.net.

I’ll be trying out a few things here, some different things, that may well be linked to the main site at sax.net – in the meantime, if you want the full csax.net resources, click on the five picture links on the right >>>>>

The intention is that this backup site might live for ever – unlike me – or as long as WordPress, Youtube and Fileden provide free hosting and storage… So now for a few media tests, check the pages – top right – for more

Dave Pietro, Canto Triste (short sample from the Embrace album)

And all this on a Martin ‘Home’ C model with only 12 (yes, twelve) keys –

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2 Responses to Welcome to the csax.net annexe !

  1. Al says:

    So sad, that I’m the first visitor, and I live here…
    All say “Aaaaahhhh”

  2. pplum says:

    Proud to be the second visitor.
    The Martin Home Model is clearly the way to go….any more keys just confuses a chap.
    Puzzled to see that your first comment was as long ago as 2008.

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