Now mostly posting at The Dorset C Sax Annexe…

Click on this link – or the picture above – to visit the other website…

Confused, they both look quite similar ?  It’s just that – having just passed 65 – and becoming more aware of my own mortality, I’d like to leave something behind me !  This self-hosted website will vanish once the monthly hosting payments cease, as will the domain, but (hopefully) the WordPress-hosted site – The Dorset C Sax Annexe – will live on a lot longer…

In due course I’ll be ‘porting’ (good word !) all of the topics/posts/comments from here – checking back thro’ old posts here, more than a few of the links to pics etc. have changed, so I’ll need to update those.   All the existing C-Sax resources (web pages) ‘behind’ the blog will still remain, for my foreseeable future – and be accessible from both sites.    

I’ll be commenting more on daily life over at the Dorset C Sax Annexe, and this site probably end up with the more complex specific C ‘stuff’, I can ‘do more’ in terms of graphics and presentation on this site.  However, in the fullness of time, ‘the best of’ this website will migrate across to the ‘Annexe’ as a permanent ‘C reference and guide’, maybe even surviving into the 22nd Century in time for the next C Sax Revival  !  All I can say is – enjoy both, see you there, and here  !

Kind Regards,   Alan


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