Bye Bye Guitarists…

Bit surreal this – but I have this wonderful vision of all the over-loud attention-seeking guitarists sailing away into the sunset on their axes…  Can’t wait to see ’em all jammed up in the canal locks.

Apologies to all the sensitive, quiet, unassuming and caring guitarists that I’ve enjoyed playing with over the decades, of course this doesn’t apply to you !

Thanks to Greg Fiske for sharing Fuzz James‘s photo. 

P.S. Watch out for those saxophone playing submariners, “torpedoes away !”

Update 07 July : btw, it IS for real – CLICK HERE for the full story – what did we ever do before Google ?

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1 Response to Bye Bye Guitarists…

  1. csax says:

    I did make a comment on the Facebook page –

    “But… Something deep inside me can’t help but wonder if it isn’t a great piece of ‘Photoshopping’ – the neck looks too good to be a ‘mock-up’. Hmmm… But then again the neck doesn’t look central where it joins the body…?” Confused !

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