Welcome to the csax.net annexe !

  Contact me –   alonsax@gmail.com   <or>   Text etc.  07762 701624

By csax

This ‘WordPress hosted’ site is being developed as a ‘free’ backup to the main website & blog at csax.net

And also in conjuction with the Google archives at     http://ctenorsax.blogspot.co.uk/

I’ll be trying out a few things here, some different things, that may well be linked to the main site at sax.net – in the meantime, if you want the full ORIGINAL csax.net resources, CLICK  HERE

Click here to visit the csax.net Blog

The intention is that these backup sites may live on for ever – unlike me – or for as long as WordPress, Google, Flickr, Youtube, Fileden and all the other excellent ‘free’ resources that I currently use exist, and continue to provide free hosting and storage… 

Thanks to all of you, here are some more links to the original csax.net pages !

Click here to view The UK C-Melody Saxophone Archive Click here to see Saxes for Sale (and much more...)
Click here to see Al's Personal Pages Click here to see Al's Photo Galleries


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